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We’re here for some fun: it’s time to take our latest 'Shadowhunters' quiz. Can you defeat the biggest bads of ‘Shadowhunters’?

How much do you know about Demons, Downworlders, and Shadowhunters?

Last year we were downright tickled by a point made by @painitmalec on Twitter who shared the realization that fans have been “at war with Freeform longer than Shadowhunters fought with Valentine, Jonathan and Lilith all combined. Freeform (and Constantin Film) is truly the biggest villain in Shadowhunters.”

From the second that Valentine Morgenstern is revealed to have much deeper connections to both Clary and Jace than any potential lovers should have to discover (There’s nothing quite like finding out you share the same father to spoil a good date.), it’s clear his villainous bloodline is toxic.

And it’s not just because of Valentine’s weirdass experiments with demon blood (although that certainly helps). By the time we discover that the adorable British Shadowhunter Sebastian Verlac is actually Jonathan Morgenstern (the burnt AF son of Valentine) and that Lilith is basically his psycho mama out for vengeance, the dark Shadowhunters family tree is one that burrowed its roots deep into the show.

Being a vampire can be a challenge, and Simon Lewis is no exception. His journey on 'Shadowhunters' proves he's the best worst vampire ever.

In fact, it could be argued that Shadowhunters is all about family – the good, the bad, and the truly ugly. In the support system enjoyed by characters like Alec, Izzy, Clary, Magnus, Simon, and Jace (among many others), we can see the power of positive bonds. 

But in Shadowhunters characters like Jonathan, Valentine, and Lilith, we recognize how easily such powerful bonds can be used for nefarious agendas – particularly when obsessive thirst for power and vengeance is guided by negative forces and reinforced by dark armies of followers forced into a lifetime of servitude.

But enough of the preamble. We’re here for some fun: it’s time to take our latest Shadowhunters quiz.

Can you defeat the biggest bads of ‘Shadowhunters’?

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