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We give fans of 'Shadowhunters''s Clary (Katherine McNamara) & Isabelle (Emeraude Toubia), a.k.a. Clizzy, a chance to test your knowledge with this quiz.

Emeraude Toubia: Crazy for Clizzy? Take our ‘Shadowhunters’ quiz now!

Shadowhunters has gifted us with many beautiful ships, but arguably none as beautiful as the relationship between Clary and Izzy, better known as Clizzy. Clary and Izzy become instant friends in Shadowhunters, and seeing their friendship blossom throughout the series is a sight to behold. Clary and Izzy are our favorite badass babes and one of the best things to come from Shadowhunters (which is saying a lot).

We’re fighting to #SaveShadowhunters in every way we can as huge fans of the show. While waiting in anticipation for the event of the year, Heroes of the Shadow World, we’re giving fans of Clizzy a chance to test their knowledge.

Tweet us @FilmDaily with your score and let us know your favorite Clizzy moment from Shadowhunters.

Can you fight in five-inch heels? Take on our ‘Shadowhunters’ Clizzy quiz!

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