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Here at Film Daily, we love ourselves a good boy love drama. Here are the all-time best ships from our favorite boy love dramas.

Boy love dramas: The all-time best ships to make your heart ache

Here at Film Daily, we love ourselves a good boy love drama. Sometimes it can be hard to find a series which really gets you invested though, and that can be frustrating. You’d rather be sitting on the couch eating popcorn while swooning over a good frenemies to lovers arc, but instead, you’re stuck sifting through title after title trying to find a show which will speak to you.

The trial and error method may work, but it isn’t particularly efficient, and starting a show only to drop it after an episode or two can be rather disappointing. So, to help you out a little bit we’ve put together a list of some of our most adored boy love dramas.

The Untamed

We talk about The Untamed quite a bit, and its with good reason. This C-drama is exciting because while not all boy love dramas are in the modern day it seems like a huge majority of them are. But The Untamed is a fantasy setting with an immersive world and well-written characters.

While we must admit the show doesn’t explicitly proclaim the love between the two main characters, the show was originally intended to be a romance, but was censored. So, instead the romance between Wei and Lan is very heavily implied.

Falling in Love with a Rival

This 2015 series is another C-drama. This one is about a man whose girlfriend dumps him for another man. Upset and distraught he comes up with a plan to seduce his ex’s new man, however it isn’t long until it works, but now he’s starting to have feelings for the man he thought he hated.

The show has a 7.4 rating out of ten on MyDramaList, which, while it may not be the highest rating, we highly recommend you give it a try because this show is a fun twist on some common romcom tropes.

TharnType: The Series

Another boy love series we write about a lot is TharnType. This series is sure to give you heart palpitations. The name is the ship name of the two main characters – honestly this alone should be reason enough to watch it.

TharnType is a Thai boy love drama about two college guys. One character starts very homophobic, and the other is openly gay. They start off on the wrong foot, but eventually fall in love.

Even better, TharnType became so popular it’s getting a second season. A lot of these drama series are a single season, which is great for quality control, but sometimes we just want more.

2gether The Series

This 2020 Thai show is essentially the opposite of a love triangle . . . it’s a hate triangle. Tine is a ladies man who finds himself in a slump where he just isn’t connecting with the women he tries to date. Meanwhile Green is a flamboyant gay man who is unafraid to tell Tine he’s interested in him.

Tine attempts to push Green away so he goes to great lengths to get Green to leave him alone, ultimately ending with asking the hottest guy on the school’s campus to pretend to be his boyfriend – he refuses. Tine repeatedly tries to convince him, much like Green is trying to convince him to date.

Sarawat – the hot guy – gets so annoyed he decides to try and push Tine and Green together. The show has a 4.9 out of five star rating on Google Reviews so we highly recommend you push this show to the top of your watch list.

Where Your Eyes Linger

Another 2020 series, this drama comes from Korea. Where your Eyes Linger has eight episodes which are just over ten minutes in length each, making this a nice and easy one-night binge.

The show follows Han Tae-joo, an eighteen-year-old student who is wealthy, handsome, and popular. His childhood friend, Kang-gook acts as his bodyguard. Kang is in love with his friend but doesn’t tell him.

However, when a girl catches Han’s eye jealousy starts to make the plot thicken.

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