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Need some boy love dramas in your life? Look no further, because we have a list of shows filled with boy love for you to watch ASAP.

The best boy love dramas: Stream these to feel warm and fuzzy inside

Twenty gayteen may be over, but that doesn’t mean your love of yaoi has to go away. There’s plenty of top shelf Asian boy love content available across a multitude of streaming services for you to discover and enjoy. Just look at how many people fell in love with The Untamed after it was put on Netflix.

So, if you’re desperate for some new boy love dramas, these shows will fit perfectly in your bingewatching schedule. Get a comfy blanket and warm up to these relationships – we’re sure you’ll be shipping for days.

Lovesick: The Series

Who doesn’t love bribing someone into a relationship for cash? Lovesick takes two students from the fictional Friday College coming together for a fake relationship with mutual benefits. Of course, nothing stays fake forever, and the two start to develop true feelings for each other. 

You can stream Lovesick: The Series season one on Netflix, but season two has yet to come to the platform.


Not a strictly boy love series, but Hormones is one of the few that actually has a BL relationship as one of its main relationships in the show. With drama including violence, teen sex, and homophobia, it’s a nice break from the stereotypical homophobic plotlines of normal BL dramas.

You can binge all three seasons of Hormones on Netflix. 

Mood Indigo

While very sexual, Mood Indigo has a very caring relationship and takes a close look at the pornography industry while giving a touching BL relationship. Two men work as erotic writers, to the dismay of those in their lives, and have to choose between work and love. But the two find peace together, no matter what comes next for them.

Season 2 of Pornographer, Mood Indigo is available on Viki to stream. 

Mr X and I

All based on true stories, Mr. X and I features four different BL stories to follow in its first season. The second season changed gears though. as it focused on one individual relationship between a boy falling in love with his straight best friend. 

Both seasons of Mr. X and I are available to stream on Hotpot TV. 

The Shipper

It’s every fangirl’s dream: hop inside the body of someone in their ship and make it become canon. The Shipper literally lets a young fangirl’s dream come true when she wakes up in the body of one of the senior boys she literally wrote fanfiction about, pairing them with their best friend.

You can watch the debut season of The Shipper on GMMTV’s YouTube channel.

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