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In this fine era of peak TV we find ourselves in, is it any surprise so many A-list actors and directors are ditching the big screen in favor of small screen projects? Here are nine to keep your eyes peeled for.

Sharp Objects: All the big names coming to the small screen this year

In this fine era of peak TV we find ourselves in, is it any surprise so many A-list actors and directors are ditching the big screen in favor of small screen projects? It’s apparently appealing to them and it’s definitely very appealing to us too. In the upcoming year there have been quite a few intriguing projects due for release and in the pipeline that see some big names coming to the small screen. Here are nine to keep your eyes peeled for.

Amy Adams: Sharp Objects

Premiering July 8 on HBO, the eight-episode series from writer Gillian Flynn (Gone Girl) sees Adams playing a reporter returning to her small hometown to put together a psychological puzzle from her past while investigating the murder of two preteen girls.

Meryl Streep: Big Little Lies

Meryl Streep in 'Big Little Lies'

The Hollywood MVP will be joining fellow A-listers Nicole Kidman (The Beguiled) & Reese Witherspoon (Election) for the second season of the hit series. She’ll also be wearing the worst wig in the history of television as she plays the mother of Alexander Skarsgård’s very abusive and very dead Perry.

Jonah Hill and Emma Stone: Maniac


Based on the Norwegian dark-comedy show of the same name, Cary Fukunaga’s upcoming Netflix Originals series boasts two impressive leads in the form of Hill and Stone (last seen getting blitzed together at a high school party in Superbad). Little is known about their characters (not even the names), but from their outfits they look to be institutionalized. Fittingly, the original show followed an institutionalized man who lives a fantasy life in his dreams.

Bill Skarsgård: Castle Rock

Last seen getting dragged into a wood chipper in Deadpool 2, Skarsgård fans can look forward to seeing the ludicrously beautiful actor continuing the Stephen King thread he started as Pennywise in It by starring as a Shawshank prisoner in Castle Rock. Based on the various stories of the iconic horror writer, the Hulu Originals show will be bringing the terror of the titular Maine town to screens on July 25.

Ethan and Joel Coen: The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

Ethan and Joel Coen

Though the prolific brothers have long been executive producers of anthology series Fargo, The Ballad of Buster Scruggs marks their small screen debut as writers and directors. The anthology Western will feature six stories about the American frontier and will feature performances from Tim Blake Nelson (O Brother, Where Art Thou?), James Franco (The Disaster Artist), and Tom Waits (Seven Psychopaths). There’s currently no premiere date scheduled, but it’s thought to be landing at some point in 2018 on Netflix.

George Clooney: Watergate Project (currently untitled)

George Clooney

Though still unconfirmed, there were rumors that Netflix won a bidding war for this eight-part limited show delving deep into the stories of certain key figures in the Watergate Scandal. Clooney (The Descendants) is reportedly directing part of the show with Matt Charman (Bridge of Spies) writing the script. It wouldn’t be at all surprising if Netflix has been keeping this one under wraps for a surprise release later in the year.

Ellen Page: The Umbrella Academy

Ellen Page

Following a disbanded group of superheroes who reunite after the death of their adoptive father who trained them to save the world, The Umbrella Academy will see Page portraying Vanya Hargreeves – the only member of her adoptive family without superpowers whose true nature may be more powerful and dangerous than anyone could have anticipated. Like most other Netflix Originals shows on this list, there’s no word yet on an official release date besides “some time in 2018”.

Guy Pearce: The Innocents

Though Pearce started out as a small screen star in Australian soaps like Home and Away and Neighbours, he’s since established himself as a well regarded star of the big screen. The Netflix Originals show is due to premiere on August 24 and will see Guy playing a doctor with a mysterious cure in the highly anticipated teenager supernatural love story.

James McAvoy: Watership Down

'Watership Down'

This collaboration between the BBC and Netflix based on Richard Adams’s acclaimed (and harrowing) 1972 novel was expected in late 2017, but is now expected to premiere sometime at the tail end (pun intended) of this year. McAvoy will be starring in the CGI animated adaptation alongside fellow big screen stars Gemma Arterton (Quantum of Solace) & John Boyega (Attack the Block).

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