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Black Earth Rising is a new international thriller about the prosecution of international war crimes and the West’s relationship with contemporary Africa. Directed and written by BAFTA-winner Hugo Blick,

Here are some of the best new and upcoming VR shows that contribute to the burgeoning shift in the way we watch TV.

'Peaky Blinders' is coming back for at least two more seasons and that’s just a fact! Some other facts about the show include that there will be a

Taking place between July 19 and July 22, the SDCC official TV lineup so far is full of some serious dazzlers that you won’t want to miss out

Fans of 'Doctor Who' are eagerly awaiting the show’s return this October, with Jodie Whittaker taking over as our favourite Time Lord. So if you’re jonesing for the

“How is it men crush women time and time again and go unpunished?” These words – spoken at the beginning of the first episode of the BBC’s 'The

The main ingredient for any successful cookery program is flair. The reason our eyes are glued to the screens is not just gluttony, but the showmanship that comes

In this fine era of peak TV we find ourselves in, is it any surprise so many A-list actors and directors are ditching the big screen in favor

It’s coming up to Louis Theroux’s birthday on May 20 and we thought what better way to celebrate than to serve up a ranking of the best Louis