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Prince Andrew just arrived at a settlement after a sexual harassment complaint. Now Prince Charles is related to Jimmy Savile. Here's all you need to know.

Were Prince Charles and Jimmy Savile working together?

A new Netflix documentary about notorious pedophile & BBC presenter Jimmy Savile includes a shocking revelation about Prince Charles. The documentary posits that the Prince of Wales sought public relations advice from Jimmy Savile for the sake of the Royal Family. This information was discovered in a series of letters exchanged between the two.

Prince Charles apparently was given pointers from Jimmy Savile on how to deal with high-profile scandals, as well as his own public addresses. In one of Prince Charles’ letters from the 1990s, the nobleman praised Jimmy Savile for being, “so good at understanding what makes people operate.” The damning correspondence didn’t stop there.

For many years, Jimmy Savile was a beloved public figure who worked as a television presenter. However, when Savile passed away in 2011, hundreds of sexual abuse survivors went public with stories of the presenter’s horrid actions. Savile had hidden behind his charity & hospital work to avoid prosecution. Now, the attention has turned to Prince Andrew.

Jimmy Savile & the cult of personality

The new Netflix docuseries Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story examines how the BBC presenter got away with so many sex crimes. More specifically, the series points out how Savile had connections with the British ruling class, most notably former prime minister Margaret Thatcher & the British Royal Family. 

One of the focal points of the documentary is the correspondence Prince Charles had with Jimmy Savile in the 1980s & 90s. These letters were collected by Savile, to which he responded with PR advice for the Prince of Wales. In the same letter mentioned above, Prince Charles called Savile, “wonderfully skeptical and practical.”

The Prince went on to ask, “Can you cast an eye over this draft and let me know how we can best appeal to people on this score?” In another letter, Prince Charles thanked Jimmy Savile for his assistance in a speech in 1991. The letter read, “It really was extremely good of you to take the trouble to put together those splendid notes.”

The aristocrat continued, “they provided me with considerable food for thought. With renewed and heartfelt thanks. Yours ever, Charles.” In Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story, the letters are presented by Savile’s biographer Alison Bellamy, who revealed in the documentary that Savile appeared to be an “informal chief advisor” to Prince Charles at the time.

A pedophile pulling the strings

The letters disclose that Jimmy Savile offered Prince Charles consultation on how to react to major public incidents, which started about a month after the Lockerbie bombing. Savile even suggested that the Queen should be, “advised in advance of any proposed action of family members.”

Jimmy Savile also proposed that the Royal Family should have an incident room with several phone lines should a scandal leak to the public. Prince Charles wrote back to Savile, “I attach a copy of my memo on disasters, which incorporates your points and which I showed to my father, and he showed it to Her Majesty.”

In a different instance, Prince Charles allegedly wrote to Savile & asked if the BBC presenter would meet up with the Duchess of York, Charles’ sister-in-law. The Prince of Wales said she could be helped by, “some of your straightforward common sense.” Prince Charles has been approached for comment on this damning information.

The Royal Family is already reeling from disturbing revelations involving Prince Andrew & Jeffrey Epstein, another convicted pedophile. The letters disclosed in Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story will only serve to deepen the public’s distrust of the British ruling class. 

In a new Netflix docuseries, Prince Charles is revealed to have written letters to pedophile Jimmy Savile on how to deal with public relations. What do you think of Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story? Let us know in the comment section.

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