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Netflix's international programming is also really outstanding, and includes big hitters such as 'Dark' and 'Money Heist'. Here’s a ranking of what we think are the thirteen best

As new details keep trickling out of the Upside Down (or you know, the set) about S3 of 'Stranger Things', we’re experiencing monster levels of excitement in anticipation

It might have something to with all the economic fracas currently being suffered across the world or the apparent mistrust the average person seems to now have for

Network TV has been the talk of the town of late what with the release of the long-awaited 'Roseanne' return. However, Netflix has all kinds of tricks up

In the past couple of years there have been numerous innovative and unexpected soundtracks featured in some of the best TV shows. So here are thirteen of what

The CW series is “in the middle of the pack” ratings wise and remains in the bubble. For those of you not fluent in TV executive talk, this

Centered around Katie (Abbi Jacobson), a young woman navigating the harrowing relapse of her heroin addicted brother Seth (Dave Franco), '6 Balloons' explores the toxicity of a codependent

As well as a whole host of classic genre movies dropping on the streaming service this month, there’s also a veritable feast of Netflix Original shows & movies

There’s a strong likelihood after you binged S2 of Jessica Jones in one single weekend you found yourself obsessing over irrepressible earworm “I Want Your Cray-Cray”. Check out