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Comcast backs out; Disney still in the running to buy up bits of Fox Telecommunications conglomerate Comcast has folded in the race to acquire a sizeable portion of 21st

Pixar’s Coco continues to soak up the U.S. box office, and with a little help from China, is posed to dominate the market until Disney’s Star Wars: The

The “Silence Breakers” presented with Time Magazine’s Person of the Year award Time Magazine has named the anti-harassment movement, launched in the wake of the Harvey Weinstein scandal that

Boo! Oh no, you had a heart attack, didn’t you? We’re pretty hype-cited to rain down some terrifying terror in advance of Halloween next week. Many violent delights

Kingsman colonizes, Geostorm storms off, boo from Boo 2!, & 2049 powers down Kingsman: The Golden Circle was the clear winner this box-office weekend, grossing over $48.7m internationally, with

Happy Death Day celebrates killer opening weekend Horror flicks continue to be rewarded at the box office as over $26.5 million worth of U.S audiences turned out to

Aronofsky on audience reactions to mother!: ‘Laughing & crying are the same’ Darren Aronofsky paid a visit to AFI, his alma mater, for a special Q&A screening of mother!

I Love You, Daddy gets release date Louis CK’s festival favorite is scheduled for a Nov. 17th U.S. release date. The Orchard acquired the deeply dark comedy at TIFF

In a typical move from Hollywood executives, a sequel to record-breaking horror has been scheduled before 'It' has even closed its box office run.