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Pan-Asian zombie hit Train to Busan is set to be adapted into a virtual reality experience. Presumably such an experience will entail heaps of undead tension, as users

We’ve all watched palpitation-inducing movies, but what about the ones that are just so crappy, they’re actually unbearable? Surely that’s the spookiest thing of all – a horror

Quite frankly we can’t wait for Billy boy to grace our screens again, and we bet you can’t either. In fact, we’re itching so hard for our Skarsgård

The 'Black Panther' effect: Let’s take a look at some of the most outrageous deleted scenes in movie history – some good, some bad, some that would’ve completely

Though we can’t make the production of the sequel adaptation to Stephen King's 'It' go any faster, we can recommend some essential viewing to keep you hyped in

If you’re a fan of genre movies, you’re likely all too aware how genre movies don’t win Oscars. Hell, they usually don’t even get nominated. But as and

CBS has announced they will be airing an interview with Dylan Farrow on Thursday. A short clip reveals that Farrow will be talking about Woody Allen’s alleged sexual

There are no big surprises at the box office today. Since dethroning Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle continued to lead the show during

Variety has written up a list of the biggest blockbuster hits and flops that graced theater screens throughout 2017. It’s been one heck of a turbulent year, with