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Remember that modern technologies also have their drawbacks. Sometimes, they might negatively impact your business. Here are some of the disadvantages.

The Disadvantage of Using Technology for Your Business – Michael Osland

Modern and advanced are highly effective at promoting your business and generating higher revenue. From opening new marketing opportunities globally to improving the company’s productivity, technologies will undoubtedly shape your business. Even smaller businesses can also utilize the benefits of technology. 

However, remember that modern technologies also have their drawbacks. Sometimes, they might negatively impact your business. Even though the potential drawbacks should not prevent you from using the technologies, knowing the potential downsides will help you minimize the risks. Here are the top 4 disadvantages of using technology for your business.

Technology as a Distraction 

Everyone with a tablet, laptop, smartphone, or desktop can access the limitless opportunity of the internet. Your business and your employees might use this communication and the access for research to grow your business. However, the internet can work as a potential distraction for you and your employees. This is because they might be tempted to check Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, which are nothing but time-wasting platforms. 

As per various researches, more than 50% of employees of any company spend an hour or two on non-business-related websites on the internet. There are also darker distractions such as pornography that will undoubtedly prevent employees from focusing correctly, says Michael Osland. Some employees don’t complete their designated work properly and watch explicit videos most of the time. 

Modern Technology Comes with Security Risks 

Modern technology is a two-way road, allowing your business to access the outside world. However, outsiders can also take a sneak peek at your business, especially if the security system is vulnerable to hacking. Spam emails contain malware that will affect your business’s computer systems and other confidential data. Sometimes employees plug in their USB drives into unsafe computers. This way, the USB driver becomes vulnerable to the virus. When the same USB drive is plugged in on the office laptop or desktop, the virus will be transferred to the system. 

Hackers can steal essential and confidential files from your computers. Sometimes, your computer systems will be attacked through ransomware and other DDOS attacks that are extremely hard to prevent. Not to mention, some computer viruses are so powerful that they take complete control of your PC. Therefore, make sure your company’s security system is high to prevent such devastating attacks.

Modern Technologies are Expensive 

Michael Osland says modern technologies go through changes rapidly. This means that the technology you invest in today might become outdated tomorrow, even if the application is installed and running on your computer. New laptops, new phones, and the latest software will help you run your company according to current technological trends. Not to mention, the price tag of modern technologies is expensive. Not only do you have to pay a lot of money to revamp them, but you also might need to pay some additional costs monthly. You also need to train your employees for technological changes, which is time-consuming. You also need to revamp the security protocols of your company.


These are the top 3 disadvantages of using technologies for your business. However, just because there are some downsides doesn’t mean you should neglect the importance of technology. By remembering these negative impacts, you can take critical approaches to prevent them.

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