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Samsung smartphones always make it to the list of the best Android handsets. Here are the best Samsung phones that you should get this year.

A lot has been happening in the world so it's okay if you missed some of the latest video game news; we've compiled the most interesting announcements.

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Kieran O'Brien is a twenty-year-old entrepreneur who is already the CEO of his own social media company GearedSocial.

To have open access to all these career destinations you actually need to defeat the Microsoft MD-101 first. Here's how to get started on this IT exam.

Here's what automation testing is all about, top tools used for it, and why achieve an Automation Testing certification.

DVD rippers have been around for years, but many fail to let you properly rip older DVDs. Here's why WinX DVD Ripper is the best out there.

Digital technologies have undoubtedly changed the way we do things. Let's take a look at the ways digital technology is changing the film industry.

The newest addition to the video search engine game is Petey Vid. Here's a comparison between Google Video Search and Petey Vid.