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Raihan Ahammed Shanto is one of the top rated freelancer of Bangladesh. He is the ceo of Rabbi IT Firm. He is an professional seo expert and digital marketer.

Raihan Ahammed Shanto Inspirational Story of Becoming a Successful Freelancer in Bangladesh

At present, the demand for modern technology and the use of the Internet is much higher. But most people can’t use it properly. However, those who have mastered it have achieved great success worldwide in this age of technology. And Raihan Ahammed Shanto is one of these successful people. It is noteworthy that he became proficient in various fields like web developing, Fiverr, SEO etc., of freelancing in a very short time in 2021.

Additionally, Raihan Ahammed Shanto remains the owner of shantoitfirm, where numerous kinds of people work with him. Even his every work is much appreciated by the clients. The success rate in his workplace is increasing day by day, as well as increasing his efficiency. Soon he will be a paradigm to future generations.

  • Private info:

raihan ahammed shanto


Raihan Ahammed Shanto is the son of an aristocratic Muslim family. He is now 21 aged. Also, he spent his childhood and adolescence in Madhupur Upazila of Tangail. Moreover, he is the youngest son of father Md. Abdul Matin & mother Raushan Ara Begum. They are blissful with two daughters & two sons. 

Notably, Razuyan Ahmed Rabbi is Shanto’s eldest brother, one of Bangladesh’s most successful freelancers. He has his own IT firm, and its name is rabbiitfirm. And Shanto is the CEO of rabbiitfirm. 

raihan ahammed shanto

Shanto has loved web-related work since childhood and has been watching his brother get involved in it. He has been inspired by his eldest brother to do these things. As a result, he later started trying to gain an acquaintance in this work.

  • Scholastic Life:

Shanto and his family are permanent residents of Madhupur Upazila, Tangail. He grew up with his family there. Also, he has been proficient in reading and studying since childhood. He completed his secondary and higher secondary at science from Madhupur Shahid Smrity High School, a reputed school in Tangail.

After completing, his schooling he moved to Tangail city and admitted into MBSTU (Mawlana Bhashani Science and Technology University). In addition, it is a renowned public university in Bd. He is a regular student in the physics department here. Unfortunately, due to the deteriorating Corona situation in the country, he is in the 2nd year of Honors. 

raihan ahammed shanto

Raihan Ahammed Shanto institutional curriculum, as well as other social and developmental work, is commendable. Also, during his student life, he was involved in 2 institutional activities for the welfare of children. Undoubtedly, he has been able to manage his studies and his work equally.

  • Inspiration & Dream career:

Shanto had a dream since childhood that he could establish himself in his own right. And when he sees his brother, he gets interested in learning a lot from him. As a result, he can easily get freelancing from his older brother. Later in 2021, he became an expert in Upwork, Digital Marketing, SEO Expert, and Fiverr. That’s why Shanto’s brother has contributed a lot to this freelancing job.

Recently, he is thinking to set up his own IT farm, like his brother. And that would be the name shantoitfirm. In addition to these, many skilled people work under him and earn money. Through all this, it will be easy to solve a great problem like unemployment in the country.

raihan ahammed shanto

Freelancing is a job that people of all ages can do. As a result, especially the youth will be able to learn a lot and earn money simultaneously. And to be aware of that, he wants to do something for the country and its people through it. Therefore, he always tells the youth that nothing is possible without hard work and conviction.

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