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Shelby Herman created the Shimmer the Glowworm franchise to try and bring a little magic into kids lives through education. Here's what you need to know.

Homeschooling and education in general have plenty to gain from integrating movies into the learning process, whether for regular pupils or experts.

Writing an essay analyzing a movie isn't as simple as it may seem. We try to help you organize your thoughts and write a great essay analyzing a

Many individuals rarely see the connection between films and education. It is because of the attention they have given to these distinct but essential elements that affect our

Education systems are always changing. Even though the curriculum might take long to alter, teaching technique shift, and adapt to the current times. The essence of education is

The end of the decade has found many academic researchers thinking about the future of the college. Here's what we know.

Do you dream of becoming a sensational writer? Stop dreaming and start screenwriting – go From Zero to Hero with our Write Your Short in 30 Days program.

A logline isn’t a tagline, and it isn’t a synopsis – it could be the most important trick of the screenwriting trade you ever learn.

A modern educator adapts uses problem-solving skills to teach his or her students. Below are 3 great attributes of the modern educator.