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The best CBSE Boarding Schools in India are in Uttar-Pradesh

The best CBSE Boarding Schools in India are in Uttar-Pradesh

There are hundreds of boarding schools in India, and parents often wonder which are the best CBSE boarding schools in India. Previously, most boarding schools were located in places like Shimla, Mussoorie, Nainital, and Ooty because hill stations provided a clean and peaceful environment ideal for pursuing education. However, the ground realities have changed, and almost every city in India has at least one boarding school. Usually, there are many parameters on which you decide the rank of a boarding school in India. You will be surprised to know that after considering such a parameter, the top CBSE schools in Uttar Pradesh were also among India’s best. 

The top CBSE schools in Uttar Pradesh have always been the number one choice among parents who have transferable jobs. Since school education requires continuity, boarding schools were the perfect solution. Boarding Schools have always been considered the fountainhead of learning, inhabiting, and growing in a formal environment. It’s a flawed assumption among people who think the concept of Boarding Schools is a Colonial ideology. The idea of boarding schools is similar to the ancient concept of Gurukul.

How do you choose the best CBSE boarding schools in India?

With the growing number of options, choosing the best CBSE Boarding Schools in India for your children becomes an important task. However, considering the critical parameters makes identifying the best CBSE boarding schools in India easier.

Quality of Education: 

It is essential to consider the faculty’s teaching methods, qualifications, and experience, as these will provide an overview of their training approaches and styles. Modern education also needs a lot of technology and accessories. Therefore, the school needs to ensure that the school has all the necessary technological and logistical support.


The best way to assess a school is to read the reviews of former students. It provides an overview of the organization in addition to assisting in identifying an institution’s advantages and disadvantages.

Course Structure: 

To guarantee the efficacy and comprehensibility of the course structure, one must be meticulous and bear in mind that the institution adheres to a structured teaching format. The boarding schools should be affiliated with the CBSE because they follow the best curriculum considering their future requirements.

Infrastructure & Facilities: 

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure the institute has the right environment for learning. The campus should be spacious enough to accommodate the entire infrastructure. Some of the crucial infrastructure a good boarding school needs is a big playground, auditorium, and theatre. All these facilities require a lot of space. Therefore, it’s essential to build a boarding school away from city limits where vast parcels of land are available.

Hostel and Mess: 

One crucial factor is the students’ hostel and dining facilities. Since students staying in boarding schools are very young, providing them with the best boarding and lodging facilities is essential. There have been many cases where there could have been better hostel and mess facilities in a boarding school that forced many students to leave. Hence, students at boarding schools must feel as if they are staying at home only.  


The cost structure and available payment methods are among the most crucial considerations when assessing an institution. It will assist in locating the finest institution within one’s financial means.


Now you know which are the top CBSE Schools in Uttar Pradesh, and you can select the best Boarding Schools in India that meet your requirements and suit your style. However, always consider the essential parameters in this article while choosing the best option for your young ones.

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