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Disney is about to blow Hollywood asunder as it awakens the force and releases Star Wars: The Last Jedi upon the masses, and that’s without factoring into account

Comcast backs out; Disney still in the running to buy up bits of Fox Telecommunications conglomerate Comcast has folded in the race to acquire a sizeable portion of 21st

Saudi Arabia lifts cinema ban, NATO members “stand ready” to move in The National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO) has celebrated Saudi Arabia’s decision to lift a 35-year ban

Hollywood is in a state of flux, crisis, and catastrophe right now with the Weinstein scandal having opened a can of worms upon the entire industry. Lena Dunham

Today in the developing story that men continue to suck, we’ve got a few names and stories. Director Bryan Singer, newly exiled from Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody, has

Set phasers to stun! Paramount Pictures is having a really weird week, but sorta in a good way? Earlier this week it was revealed that Quentin Tarantino had

Hollywood studios are mixing things up a bit, having switched up their release calendars for Christmas and beyond. The most notable of them? Well, that’d be Sony’s decision

Everything’s entered a state of flux. Hollywood is dealing with the consequences of the Harvey Weinstein scandal, as more and more allegations are levied against those in positions

The “casting couch” was Weinstein’s office; former mogul hit by new class action suit It’s another day – meaning another new development in the Harvey Weinstein scandal. The disgraced