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An amputation is sometimes necessary following a case of severe trauma to your limb, gangrene or diabetes complications. What is Hollywood's representation?

As Hollywood navigates these uncharted waters, the resolution of these strikes could mark a significant turning point.

Niko Foster is Hollywood’s latest Renaissance man, heading rapidly toward action/adventure leading man status. In addition to acting, he’s known for producing or executive-producing films and writing them. 

Today, Hollywood glam and contemporary chic seem to be the evolving trends of the day. Here's how to dress like a movie star.

Not many actors can say they have had a longer or more successful journey than Mohan Kapur. His career started as the first television personality in South Asia

Shuyao Chen infuses her craft with rich perspectives and captivating stories as a young, emerging queer female writer and director. A visionary filmmaker, Chen's passion and hard work

You might be surprised to learn that in the early 1900s, filmmakers used asbestos for fake snow. Why did Hollywood put everyone in danger?

Explore the controversy surrounding Woody Allen's wife and its impact on his public image. Uncover the details here.

Dive into North Korea's missile program and an audacious casino heist. Discover the intrigue!