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Do you love the Cinerama Dome? Word on the street is that our favorite Hollywood cinema is shutting down. Check out the theater's sad statement.

Card counting is often a big part of Hollywood movies. Find out how realistic card counting on film can be.

This years Oscar nominations were the most diverse & inclusive it has ever been, and that's something worth celebrating. Check out all the "firsts" here.

The movie industry has done a lot to promote the casino industry. Here are some of the most notable ways movies have done that.

The deliberately shrouded, dangerously ambitious, and utterly mysterious murder of Hollywood starlet Thelma Todd still continues. Let's dive in.

Hollywood atmosphere is appealing most anywhere. Find out what online video slots best capture this atmosphere.

Six people changed the Hollywood Sign from Hollywood to Hollyboob. While it sounds funny, it was for a notable cause. Here is everything to know.

If you think Hollywood is wrought with scandals now, imagine a time before political correctness. Here are some of the craziest Old Hollywood scandals.

Still waiting for your COVID-19 vaccine? Looks like some Hollywood elites are tired of waiting. Check out if money will help them through the pandemic.