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Remember the game 'Club Penguin' that took the world by storm back in the mid-2000s? If you're missing it, dive right into these hilarious memes!

Do you still play Club Penguin? Waddle through these classic memes

Ah, Club Penguin. That amazing little online game that took the world by storm back in the mid-2000s alongside other gaming staples like Webkinz and Pixie Hollow. Many millennials fondly remember hours spent hanging out with friends as they fished, sledded, and stopped evil polar bears in this icy-fun world. 

Unfortunately, the game was shut down in 2017, leaving many to mourn the loss. However, hope returned when the game was rebooted that same year by fans of the game, allowing many internet users a small slice of nostalgia. 

Naturally, Twitter collected all the user memories and Club Penguin memes throughout the game’s tumultuous journey that still continues today. We waddled through the internet to find the best Club Penguin memes. Grab your Puffles and dive into these side-splitting Club Penguin memes. 

Pizza time! 

Don’t get us started on the pizza game

Picking favorites 

Now that’s dedication

Club Penguin Island 

How can we forget such a gem

Hacker voice 

Oh no, not again . . . 

Dance floor 

Yeah, this song certainly brings back memories . . . 


The flaming hot sauce was enough for us, but it evidently wasn’t for others. 

Game time 

It’s a game anyone can get into! 


Back in our day . . . 

What if I told you . . . 

You have to be lying, right? 

If it was here 

What a wonderful world it could be . . . 

Have any other funny Club Penguin memes? Quick, drop them below in the comments before Herbert tries something else! 

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