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Film Daily is celebrating the launch of our dark mode with some memes about everyone's favorite website color scheme.

Celebrate Film Daily’s new dark theme with these dark-mode memes

Three cheers for Film Daily’s new dark mode feature! Given all the dark memes we throw your way, it’s only fitting we provide you a dark mode to match your dark mood. Everyone knows light mode can be hard on the eyes at night, and we wouldn’t want eye strain to interfere with your meme browsing – too important of a task, of course. 

Here’s how to activate dark mode on Film Daily: If you’re perusing Film Daily via desktop, simply click the crescent moon icon in the top left corner of any article page. On mobile, click the three lines (otherwise known as hamburger navigation) in the top right corner of the article page. You’ll see the little crescent moon and an option to “toggle dark mode” right beneath our revolving logo. 

You can only enable dark mode on Film Daily once you’ve clicked into an article since that’s where you’ll likely spend most of your time. Now that you know how to use our handy new feature, on to the memes! 😄


So basically how everyone coped with 2020? Thank goodness the year is on its way out. 

A final trip 

Woof! This one’s real dark. Might as well call it Dives, Depression, and Death. 

It’s all about perspective 

He’s not wrong – you know, except morally maybe. 


What a terrible mis-type. What’s next? The death penalty for murder victims? What do you say? We’ll resurrect them just so we can send them back to the other side. 

Not again 

Apparently she was hoping that last time she closed her eyes would be her last. 

The real reason dinosaurs went extinct 

They were just God’s practice run. Sheesh, that was easy. We don’t know why scientists are taking so long to figure that one out. 

We accept 

Dark mode is for those of us who never grew out of our emo stage. 

It’s time to end this 

That’s a pretty drastic conclusion, but okay. 

The stark reality of our existence 

Don’t lie. You were just about to lol one of these memes to your friends despite the fact your face muscles didn’t move an inch. 

Another type of dark mode 

You spoiled little ipad-for-every-child students wouldn’t understand though. 

Unintended consequences 

You can’t say they were bad at following directions. 


Did you catch the emoji next to the dad’s name? The best of memes have more than one layer of dark mode.

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