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If you thought pineapple on pizza was weird, wait until you check out these food combinations. Love or hate them, see all the food combos making people gag.

Pineapple on pizza? Taste all these weird food combinations now

Pineapple on pizza is still – to this day – the most controversial food combination and a question that will always spark the most heated debates. Some love it, some hate it, some will argue either side until they’re blue in the face, and some just want to order lunch already. 

However, despite its reign as king of controversial foods, pineapple on pizza is not the only odd food combination out there. Some people (crazy, adventurous people) decided to experiment, and what they came up with is. . . mixed to say the least. 

Grab your plates & trash bins as we dig into these weird food combinations that go beyond pineapple on pizza. 

Strawberries & balsamic 

This first odd combination is an old Italian favorite. While it doesn’t seem to work, apparently the savory, acidic flavor of the balsamic compliments the natural sweetness of the strawberries, making them even sweeter

This is a combination you can often find in salads or, if you feel really adventurous, you can dunk the strawberries right on into a bowl full of balsamic (if you dare). 

Peanut butter & pickles 

We know, it seems gross, at least until you get pregnant. 

According to the internet, pickles are one of the most sought-after snacks for expectant mothers, with some taking it to the next level by adding a nice scoop of peanut butter. It may be that the acidic, sour taste goes so well with the smooth or crunchy peanut butter so well, creating an odd counterbalance. 

Or it might just be the pregnancy hormones. 

Watermelon & salt 

This seems to take the idea of sweet & salty to the extreme, but this combo is actually more balanced than you would think. 

Apparently, the salt doesn’t dry out the watermelon, instead helping to enhance its natural sweetness as well as counter some of the bitterness of the watermelon. So, as the summer gets closer, give this combo a try with this classic, healthy treat. 

Green apples & salsa 

Run out of chips? No problem! This next combo is an apparent must try. 

The tartness of the apples help offset some of the spiciness of any salsa while adding some tangy taste to help counterbalance the mixture. There are recipes combining these two all over the internet, the most common for Apple Salsa Verde. 

If you have some leftover apples from this past fall, don’t waste time with pie, just grab some salsa and you got yourself a great new party snack. 

Mango & chili powder

Spicy food lovers, this next one’s for you. 

This combo allows any spicy dish to become more delicious, using the natural sweetness of the fruit to compliment the heat of the dish. Adding hot sauce to mango is a Mexican staple that is an apparent must try, so get to the grocery store if you’re in need of a new, spicy snack.


Pizza & ranch dressing

Going back to where it all started, this last combo has become a tried & true cafeteria classic. 

This particular combo is not as controversial as pineapple on pizza due to Dominos. Dominos apparently offered the option of ranch dressing for its wings back in 1994 according to The New York Times. Some people, we guess, had some leftover sauce and decided to experiment. 

The trend continues today in cafeterias as well as with other pizza chains, proving ranch isn’t just for salads or wings. 

Do you have any other weird food combinations you want people to know about and try? Drop them below in the comments so we can get cooking! And so we can also change out the garbage bags, just in case you hate it. 

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