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Yeah, sure, the Super Bowl is cool. But everybody knows the star of your party is the food. Score a touchdown with these football snacks staples!

Add these Super Bowl foods to your grocery list for the weekend

The big game is finally upon us, as sports fans around the world anticipate Super Bowl LV and the exciting matchup between defending champs the Kansas City Chiefs and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. 

It’s Patrick Mahomes vs. Tom Brady, who many are labeling as the most talented quarterback of all time vs. the greatest quarterback of all time, playing on the biggest stage in a game that will define the legacies of these two remarkable players. But what about the food?

For those who are stuck watching Super Bowl LV this Sunday but aren’t necessarily thrilled about anything outside of the commercials and a halftime performance by The Weeknd, we know exactly how you feel. Thank God it’s all about the good eats, right?  

Super Bowl Sunday has always been about scarfing down your favorite bar food & munchies, smothered in melted cheese, exploding with a mix of sweet & heat, and placed next to an inflatable swimming pool filled with ranch dressing. We’re here to talk about Super Bowl food, and give you some ideas, classic & new, for your Super Bowl feast this coming Sunday.


Oh yeah, you didn’t think that we weren’t going to kick off this list of Super Bowl food with everyone’s favorite indulgence, did you? Nachos are the food you go to after a breakup, a rough day at work, and yes . . . the big game

Nachos act as a canvas for the culinary artist that’s in you, where the canvas is the tortilla chips & cheese and the paintbrushes are your favorite toppings, including beans, meat, veggies, and hot sauce. Just don’t forget to make a big bowl of guacamole to go with it! 

Pro tip: replace the tortilla chips with some oven-baked tater tots, and enjoy a hot batch of totchos!


Our apologies to fans of “Kevin’s famous chili” from The Office, but we prefer our chili recipe to not include the taste of carpet. 

Chili is an easy dish that you can make ahead of time, making it easy to enjoy the game as others dish up a hot bowl of meat & beans freely. With a side of shredded cheese, freshly chopped onions, and some chili cheese Fritos to garnish, making a fresh batch of chili is always a classic Super Bowl move that will leave others satisfied, especially when served with hot cornbread.  

Also, consider grilling up some grilled burgers & hot dogs to go along with the chili, where guests can smother their plate of meats with your favorite chili recipe. 


Absolutely you have to have chicken wings as one of your Super Bowl food options! Chicken wings are as classic a staple as any Super Bowl food, where you & your guests can mix and match flavors & dips to defeat your bar food cravings. 

Whether you oven bake your wings or go straight to the deep fryer, there’s no wrong flavor to toss your chicken in, with tons of sauce options such as BBQ, buffalo, teriyaki, honey mustard, and more at your disposal. 

For those who are health conscious, or just don’t eat meat, check out some of the better cauliflower wings recipes online that are sure to scratch your chicken wing itch without the guilt, just don’t forget the blue cheese & ranching dip to go with them. 


Honestly, this might be the Tom Brady of Super Bowl foods. 

Pizza is an easy Super Bowl food option for those of you who like to avoid the kitchen unless it involves dishing up a plate. With plenty of popular pizza chains out there, there’s no reason why you can’t call a culinary audible and order a variety of pizza options so that you too can enjoy the big game. 

However, if you’re feeling like getting your hands dirty, try buying some premade dough and have everyone else dress up their own personalized pizza, cooking them either in the oven or on the grill! 

And yes . . . we forgive you, pineapple people, even though you choose to make things weird.    

What are some of your favorite Super Bowl foods? Will you be making any of these options for Sunday? Comment below and let us know.

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