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The Lizzo buzz this month doesn't seem to be stopping any time soon. Bust open the latest story from the star making Twitter fill up with Lizzo memes.

Why has Lizzo ditched deodorant? These memes have the answer

Lizzo has had quite the August. The singer dropped a massive hit & collaboration with supernova Cardi B. The song is doing well, but Lizzo hasn’t been trending because everyone can’t get enough of “Rumors”. The pop star received some serious backlash after her latest single dropped earlier this month.

Haters have been tearing up Twitter since “Rumors” dropped, and the pop icons behind the track have been forced to respond on socials since those who chose violence wouldn’t let up. However, the latest Lizzo is about a lighter issue: deodorant.

Twitter has lit up with memes last week since Lizzo told her fans she doesn’t use deodorant anymore. Some argue going without the stuff will lead your body to stink less when it gets used to going au naturel. Twitter users have some different feelings, though. Check out the best Lizzo memes on the subject dropping last week and make up your own mind on the issue.

She’s with Matt

People are reacting with Lizzo memes since she spilled the beans about her bare pits, but she isn’t the first one to do so. If Matthew McConaughey can do it, why can’t Lizzo?

This cut from Twitter’s Lizzo memes drops the receipts – Lizzo is just following Matt’s lead.

Not everyone agrees with the hate on Twitter. Some of us know we don’t need as many products as the big wigs tell us.


Some people came to Twitter just to confirm what they were hearing. Lizzo dropping this news so soon after the whole world was roasting her? Odd choice from management.

This Squidward & Mr. Krabs cut from Twitter’s Lizzo memes captures the feeling of pure confusion. Did we read the headline right?

Bubbles really display how many users felt when they read the news coming from Twitter’s Lizzo memes.


Many people came to Twitter to show off their disdain for the latest news. This Lizzo reaction meme captures the pure terror some Twitter users felt upon hearing about the deodorant drop.

Lizzo’s choice to stop using deodorant sparked volatile reactions all over Twitter. This one doesn’t leave much to the imagination.

This less-than-classy response to Lizzo’s court side dance brings her deodorant ditch into play. Yup, people definitely have feelings about the drop.

Finally, this cut from Twitter’s Lizzo memes cuts straight to the point. A volatile reaction, indeed.

What do you think of Lizzo’s latest hygiene reveal? Let us know in the comments below!

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