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The Internet has rallied around Lizzo after she's been slammed by fatphobic comments. So let's laugh at some memes instead of engaging with those losers.

Stop fat-shaming Lizzo: Laugh at these iconic memes instead

In the “wow people sure do suck sometimes” news, some jerks on the Internet are being fatphobic & fat-shaming toward Lizzo, who killed the game with her latest song “Rumors” with Cardi B. While we’re certain that no one is really contributing to society by bullying a woman over her weight, a ton of celebrities have gathered in support of Lizzo.

Lizzo, of course, is upset about this whole thing. During an Instagram Live, the singer said, “On the days I feel I should be the happiest, I just… I feel so down… Sometimes I feel like the world just don’t love me back. It’s like, it doesn’t matter how much positive energy you put into the world – you’re still going to have people who have something mean to say about you”.

Well, Lizzo, the world does love you back. Or, at least, we do. So here are some of our favorite memes to share with you because you are an icon and don’t deserve any of this nonsense. 


Done crying

Starting off with the queen, giving the metaphorical middle finger. 


Mic drop

Friendly reminder, Lizzo is cooler than you. 



Most are just here to remind you that the song is a bop.


Evil eye is out full force

A curse for the internet age.



Ow! Right in their non-existent self-esteem.


Bye, Karen. Don’t come to Shondaland again.

Shonda knows what’s up.



Y’all just mad because Lizzo is living her best life.


Meanwhile . . . 

In other news, can we get that live-action Hercules cast with Lizzo & Cardi B as the muses? 


We’re watching you

You’re on the list, Lizzo hater.


Get it, Queen.

Let’s close on from Lizzo again with some queen level news.

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