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We’re shaking things up a bit and inviting you to pick and choose just one season to get through this week in our sixth rewatch challenge.

Help us #SaveSaturdays with our sixth rewatch challenge

Streaming drama is really heating up this year, as the announcement of Apple TV+ earlier this week has brought a new wave of competition to an already precarious media landscape. With the new service set to encompass a vast gallery of channels, services such as Netflix and Disney+ must be starting to question their role in the ongoing battle for viewers’ attention.

In the foreseeable future, there could be up to five or six separate yet equally viable options for streaming your fave shows, all accompanied with a hefty price tag. Isn’t this exactly what happened to cable TV a few years ago?

In the wake of the anticipated streaming war, Netflix recently jumped the gun with the cancellation of some of their strongest shows. Formerly the home of Marvel’s street-level heroes, we can only cross our fingers the cancellation of Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and so on means they’ll be finding a new permanent home with Disney.

And now Netflix has started cancelling some of the best series around for thoughtful discussion – primarily One Day at a Time – we’re seriously considering how long we’re gonna continue paying that $12.99 a month for a schedule of so-so original shows and forgettable movies.

We’ve been campaigning to save some of the best cancelled shows this year, and we truly believe it would be in the streaming giant’s best interest to renew One Day at a Time. A totally underappreciated gem of traditional sitcom writing loaded with carefully considered topics and debates, announcement of a renewal would no doubt boost the show’s visibility and draw in those numbers it was supposedly missing.

If Netflix is looking for shows to pick up to attract potential new subscribers in the wake of two new contenders on the block, they should look no further than the likes of Shadowhunters, Timeless, and a whole host of other brilliantly inventive sci-fi trips, fantasy romps, and action-packed adventures.

We think these shows would be right at home on the world’s biggest streaming site, and many of them are already distributed internationally via Netflix. It just makes sense, guys.

This week, in our constant attempt to keep our challenges as fresh as possible, we’re shaking things up a bit and inviting you to pick and choose just one season to get through this week. We’re putting a spotlight on some of the more recent shows to get the can, so if there’s a series on this list that you’ve haven’t dived into yet, check it out and see if you can finish the first season by next Saturday.

Watch this space for fresh new challenges and more hot takes on the spiciest TV drama! Take your pick from our selection of comedy crowd-pleasers, steamy YA dramas, and grim sci-fi dystopias – and get bingewatching! Don’t forget to tweet @FilmDailyNews to let us know how your challenge is getting on.

One Day at a Time

Find it on Netflix

Undoubtedly one of the better modern sitcoms on our screens right now, One Day at a Time followed a Latino family trying to make it in America with their love and sanity intact. The show is a must for fans of series like Fresh Off the Boat and black-ish, standing with the recent trend of family sitcoms mixing it up with a new cultural angle as one of the best.

ODAAT is an unmissable opportunity to get a dose of Rita Moreno before she returns to her classic roots with Steven Spielberg’s remake of West Side Story.

Wynonna Earp

Find it on Netflix

If Captain Marvel and Us stoked your passion for badass women on screen, look no further than Wynonna Earp. Melanie Scrofano reclaims the Western from overplayed escapades of boring cowboys, injecting a supernatural twist along the way. She plays the descendant of the infamous deputy marshal of the Old West, settling his feuds with the Peacemaker revolver when his long-dead rivals return from the grave.

Midnight, Texas

Find it on Amazon

Another sexy frightfest from True Blood author Charlaine Harris – this time a young psychic is racing away from a troubled past and finds uncertain refuge in the spooky town of Midnight. Once there, he meets a strange group of supernatural new friends, including a vampire, a witch, and a werewolf, who assist his fight against threats from both the outside world as well as his new life of monsters & magic.


Find it on Amazon & Hulu

A group of time travellers uncovers a deadly conspiracy that threatens to shatter the very fabric of our existence. Things were wrapped up rather nicely for the Lifeboat crew following last year’s special Christmas finale, but there have been some whisperings of a comeback ever since. We say there’s always room for one more season.

Dark Matter

Find it on Amazon

A team of six strangers awakes from cryogenic slumber not knowing how long they’ve been there, who each other are, or most importantly who they are themselves. Like Alien with amnesia, this sci-fi series with one of the best premises of recent years quickly goes off the rails in the best way possible. Warning: fans are royally pissed cuz the series was cancelled in the midst of a major cliffhanger, so don’t come crying to us when you finish season three.


Find it on Amazon

Hannah John-Kamen is about to blow up all over your radar, having already worked with Marvel and Spielberg. Check out where the actress to watch got her start with Killjoys, a romp through the galaxies with a team of bounty hunters who encounter myriad insane twists & turns.


Find it on Amazon & Hulu

If you’re a Film Daily fan, chances are you’ve already succumbed to the ways of the Shadowfam, too. However, if it’s still a TV blindspot let this be your wakeup call to check out one of the best fantasy shows on air right now. And hey, if you’ve already joined the hunt, it never hurts to boost those Netflix numbers up.

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