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One fandom rises from the deep and crowns itself as king of the fandoms: the 'Lucifer' fandom, more commonly referred to as Lucifans. Vote for them now!

‘Lucifer’: Vote Lucifans for the Bingewatch Award for Best Fandom

Fandoms of every kind have their amazing qualities, from their devotion to their talent. They take time from their busy day to talk, write, and create art based on the shows they love so much. 

They tweet at the actors and discuss the production of their shows to make sure they have something to look forward to and bingewatch after a hard day. They shape their shows in ways many do not consider, from suggestions on social media making it into the show to popular ships becoming canon.  

But one fandom rises from the deep and crowns itself as king of the fandoms: the Lucifer fandom, more commonly referred to as Lucifans!

Lucifer has had a rocky history, having found itself on the brink of cancellation many times due to protests from religious individuals over the content, production halts with locations, executives, and more. Each time, Lucifans have rallied to keep this show alive. 

After FOX announced it was cancelling everyone’s favorite devil, Lucifans rose from the ashes and made sure that it wasn’t the last we saw of Lucifer. Netflix saved the day (didn’t think we’d ever say that) and gave us two more seasons of Tom Ellis and co. Lucifans continue helping the show, and making it one of the most bingewatched series ever – no small feat in today’s streaming age.  

A show about a redeemable devil is certain to have an interesting fanbase, who have even more interesting ideas regarding the show and its characters. Lucifer itself shifts from drama to comedy and back again with an ease many shows try and fail to master. Just a simple interaction between the gang can bring so much laughter for everyone watching.

But what makes the devilish fans of Lucifer so amazing? Let’s investigate (much like Detective Douche) and see why so many have fallen for the English accented fallen angel. 

Here are six reasons why Lucifans are considered a top fandom and why they deserve your vote in the Best Fandom category of the Bingewatch Awards.

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1. Lucifans respect the show’s actors 

There are some fans who do not understand personal space. Actors are humans too, but when fans get overexcited, things can get messy. Lucifans give the actors their space and often make sure they respect actors’ privacy, whether it be in regards to their dating lives or just making sure they respect the fact that the show takes time to make. 

When the actors interact with Lucifans, they show them the utmost love and respect, making sure the actors know just how much they’re appreciated. From social media posts to live conventions, the relationship between the cast and fans are one of equals, which is both amazing and moving. Overall, this provides a terrific relationship for both actors & fans. 

2. Lucifans respect each other 

Some fandoms have their share of infighting or disrespect. Though not common, it can get ugly. But visit any Lucifan Reddit or Twitter thread and all you’ll find is kindness and love to every level of fan of every background. 

Lucifans build each other up no matter their race, sex or gender identity, class or personality type and truly create a space for people to go in times of crisis. Whether in times of bad mental health or personal relationship problems, these fans are there for each other. It’s truly lovely to see and sets an example for not just other fandoms but all people too. 

3. Lucifans ship everyone 

Ships are always a rocky subject in fandom, and at times they’re the cause for infighting. Toxic ship wars are a bitter battleground unfortunately all too common in some fandoms, where insults to the characters and shippers can leave emotional scars on the fans, making the fandom a bitter place to be. 

It’s ironic that the fandom whose show revolves around the Devil is the most open to any combination (within reason) of characters. While Deckerstar is the most popular, no one shoots down any other pairings, such as Ella/Lucifer or Dan/Lucifer. 

Like the pansexual devil himself (another big acheivement for the show, having their big lead being LGBTQ+), they are open to all the ships possible. Fans just want their favorites happy, and even though some of the ships aren’t romantic, they’re still very real both on & off screen.

4. Lucifans are hilarious

Lucifer is hilarious. When you follow a show about the Devil himself – especially a show that revolves around his redemption – you’re going to have some fun trying to explain it to others. Lucifer fans take it one step further, making their art, stories, and personal narratives both hilarious and heartwarming to read and see. 

From funny text posts about scaring religious-minded relatives to cute photo edits with advertising on the show, Lucifans know how to make you smile. 

5. Lucifans are dedicated 

Dedication is an easy word to toss around when it comes to fandoms. But Lucifans are even more dedicated than the average. They rewatch the show over and over, making it the most bingewatched show ever. 

And who can blame them? Lucifans grab at the smallest details, creating much new content to honor Lucifer, from fanfiction to fanart to video content. They imagine and reimagine scenarios, coming up with stuff so good many pray (pun intended) it gets into the script. 

Lucifer’s showrunners know this and honor fans’ dedication by listening to them and incorporating their ideas, such as showing off Lucifer’s full devil form in S4. That is a level of dedication that cannot be beat.

6. Lucifans resurrected their show 

The last and biggest reason why Lucifans are the best is because they did what many fandoms have been trying to do for years and years: they saved their show from cancellation. 

One story is well known by now: Fox decided to give Lucifer the axe, but through the power of the fans, who begged and tweeted and petitioned, Netflix was able to buy the rights to the show and save it from the hell of cancellation and cliffhanger endings. That is when the Lucifans got the right to call themselves King (of Hell). 

However, despite this save, the show will only return for one last hurrah and though fans are torn up about their Pyrrhic victory, that miracle is to be amazed at!

If you’re a Deckerstar shipper, take 10 minutes out of your schedule and revisit the events of 'Lucifer' S4, then load this quiz up and unlock your desires.

Take a page from the Lucifans and spread some love today! It will do a hell of a lot of good. 

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