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It’s no surprise, considering how much we love 'Lucifer', that we threw together a devilish new quiz for the Netflix show, our 3rd but surely not last.

See how deep your hellish knowledge goes with our 3rd ‘Lucifer’ Netflix quiz

It’s no surprise, considering how much we love Lucifer, that we threw together a third devilish new quiz for the show. Lucifer is an absolute demon, from its content to its fandom. Its twisting plot and lovable characters make it so good it’s just unholy. Waiting for Season 5 is hellish torture, but lets see if this can make it more bearable here. 

Life without Lucifer would be Hell on Earth. Lucifans around the world are rejoicing at news of S5, but also incredibly saddened by the news that it will be the last. Tom Ellis brought us the Lucifer of our dreams and the fans fell in love with the whole cast. Good shows ending is nothing surprising – so we want to join fans of Lucifer in saving the devil from a life of solitude.

So grab your demon daggers to see if you can become King of this quiz. Don’t forget to tweet us your answer at @FilmDaily.

Can you dethrone the King of Hell, ‘Lucifer’? Let’s find out!

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