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It was a close call, and we knew the fans deserved a second chance. Now, see the results of Film Daily's Bingewatch Award for Best Period Drama.

We’re counting down the top three episodes of television from the past year, based on your votes. Here's the Bingewatch Award results!

The Bingewatch Awards have picked out six of the best episodes of 2019 from shows sadly cancelled and still on the air from the past year. Vote now!

Check out the nominees call your favorite fandom to arms! Which series will come out on top for the Bingewatch Award for Best Sci-Fi TV Series of the

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Peakies have remained a constant fandom and we wanted to shed some light on why it would be peak if you didn’t vote for 'Doctor Who'. Here’s why

'Breaking Bad' may be over, but the fandom is not. Here's why the 'Better Call Saul' fandom is the best & you should vote Bitches in our Bingewatch

If you want to lend your voice to save amazing shows, you can take steps by rewatching, re-registering, and voicing support at the streaming platforms.

'Firefly' deserved better and so did Browncoats everywhere. Here's why you should vote Browncoats as the Best Fandom in our Bingewatch awards.