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It was a close call, and we knew the fans deserved a second chance. Now, see the results of Film Daily's Bingewatch Award for Best Period Drama.

Announcing the Bingewatch Award Tiebreaker Results for Best Period Drama

Fandoms rule everything at Film Daily, because fandoms are life. 

Over the course of six weeks, we invited fans to vote for their favorite shows. For the Bingewatch Award, in the category of Best Period Drama, the nominations were narrowed down from eight shows to only two. As you all know, there was an epic showdown last week between Outlander & Sanditon and now we finally have the results for which show wins the Best Period Drama crown! Both series have incredibly devoted fanbases, but only Enlightenment or Regency can come out on top. 

And the winner is… Sanditon!  This was a close one, but Jane Austen’s beloved Regency era series snatched the throne. 

Best Period Drama 

The nominations:

‘Outlander’ – 17, 302 votes

‘Sanditon’ – 20, 710 votes

Thank you to all who participated! 

Tweet us your thoughts @FilmDailyNews. Are you happy with the final results?

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