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After working assiduously to save 'Sanditon' and make seasons 2 and 3 come to fruition, fans are finally going to come face to face at Sandicon 2022!

As we continue to mourn the loss of one of our new favorite shows, we're revisiting the most iconic quotes of the 'Sanditon' cast.

Our current obsession with 'Sanditon' has us itching to look at the various adaptations of Jane Austen’s works and ranking them. Here are the best.

'Sanditon' has finally been saved! Celebrate the PBS show's renewal for season 2 *and* 3! Does this mean other cancelled TV shows will follow?

Need more from this lovely Jane Austen inspired series? Relive the best moments of PBS's 'Sanditon' with these iconic scenes.   

PBS’s 'Sanditon' easily triumphs over 'Bridgerton' in both the romance and sexiness department. See why this show has us swooning like Victorian ingénues.

It was a close call, and we knew the fans deserved a second chance. Now, see the results of Film Daily's Bingewatch Award for Best Period Drama.

'Sanditon' star Theo James found a new role following the fan favorite PBS Masterpiece. Read about his next project at HBO from 'Sherlock' creator.

Have you been checking up on the 'Sanditon' cast? Look no further! Here's everything the cast has been up to since the show's dramatic finale.