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Have you been checking up on the 'Sanditon' cast? Look no further! Here's everything the cast has been up to since the show's dramatic finale.

Missing ‘Sanditon’? See what the talented cast is up to now

Sanditon isn’t just the best romantic drama we’ve seen until Bridgerton, but it was everything we needed from a Jane Austen novel – well except that ending (sorry. . . too soon). 

Sanditon was a film adaptation by Andrew Davies which focused on the female protagonist Charlotte Heywood (Rose Williams) while she struggled in a new town and with a heated relationship. 

However, thanks to British Broadcaster ITV killing Sanditon, we’ve been looking for a reason to stare into our favorite cast with hope & joy again. And today we get a glimpse of what our stars have been up to since their Sanditon days. Let’s take a look!

Rose Williams (Charlotte Heywood)

A month before Sanditon ended in 2019, Rose Williams told Glamour: “I was surrounded by such wonderful people. I got so into the filming and the trailers for me are a grounding place. Rather than think about the finished product I think about the process with the team. That’s how I dealt with it, I got lost in the filming side of things.” Ahh. . . like it was yesterday!

Rose Williams is a British actress who has starred in incredible shows like Reign & Medici. Williams may have been the leading lady of Sanditon with a strong voice and loving character, but since the show ended, she hasn’t been doing much except her creepy role in The Power & her hit role in the action & drama series Curfew (2019).

The Power is about all the teenage girls who are suddenly supernatural with an electric power to electrocute people with a soft touch. However, since their ability is hereditary, it can’t be cured. The Power will follow a group of characters from London to Seattle and Nigeria to Moldova as the powerful teenagers start to show the world what they’re made of. 

According to Deadline, The Power starring Rose Williams will only premiere in 2021 thanks to Mike Runagall of Altitude Film Sales, but Shudder’s Director of Global Acquisitions & Co-Productions Emily Gotto claimed: “We know Shudder members will be terrified by her (Corinna Faith’s) debut feature and thrilled by Rose William’s star-making performance.”

Theo James (Sidney Parker)

Remember that handsome devil from the cast of Sanditon – Sidney Parker? Fans also may have seen him in other shows & film sequels like Divergent or Downtown Abbey. But today you might’ve seen him in his 2020 film Archive or in the musical City of Angels

After the ending of Sanditon, Theo James has sung songs alongside Hadley Fraser like “You’re Nothing Without Me” and acted alongside stars like Rosalie Craig & Venessa Williams. The musical performance took place in March 2020 at the Garrick Theatre and it was definitely a show you didn’t want to miss. 

On the other hand, Theo James has played a role in Gavin Rothery’s 2020 film Archive. James told The Hollywood Reporter: “It all felt really real. I’ve done films in the past where there was a semblance of sci-fi but it was added on. It wasn’t dynamic in any way. But here (with Archive), every piece of costume and furniture had a real place in his vision.”

Anne Reid (Lady Denham)

Anne Reid may have been the most powerful woman in Sanditon, but today you might know Anne Reid as a BAFTA-award-winning actress and from her dazzling appearance in Coronation Street

Since the end of Sanditon, Anne Reid has explored other films and TV shows like Last Tango in Halifax (2012-2020) and starred alongside Tom Courtenay, Eddie Redmayne & Felicity Jones in The Aeronauts which was released in November 2019. 

According to RadioTimes, Anne Reid also started a new series just before the end of Sanditon in 2019, called Years & Years. The BBC series follows a crazy close family while society hits them with politics, technology & wars. Luckily, in Years & Years, Anne Reid’s speech was the most talked about performance from the show. Go Reid!

Anne Reid’s most recent acting role is in the thrilling miniseries The Nest alongside a British cast including Jude Law & Carrie Coon which was released in September 2020. 

Do you know what the rest of Sanditon’s cast is up to? Or are you still waiting for a renewal of the series? Let us know in the comments below. 

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