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Remember all those jokes about having 2020 vision in 2020? These crazy memes will help us rationalize our collective feelings of impending doom.

Plagues, politics, pestilence: These crazy memes describe 2020

Remember all those jokes about having 2020 vision in 2020? Feeling a bit blind-sighted now? With all of the chaos going on with coronavirus, protests, and pretty much anything you read in the news right now, it’s getting harder to keep up with everything & cope. Don’t worry, we’re all feeling it too. 

2020 hit us like a hurricane (plus there was an actual hurricane) and we’re all in the same boat – a boat that has now crashed and washed up on shore. Take a deep breath, process, and share a quick laugh with us. Hopefully these memes will help us rationalize our collective feelings of impending doom & catastrophe. 


Aren’t family politics fun?

Oh, Baby Yoda – thank you for once again expressing our helplessness & innocence. Listening to family argue right now is like watching a neverending ping pong match. While it’s always tempting to interject, it almost feels pointless – might as well just sip tea and watch. Sighs. 

2020 special offer

If 2020 were an ad, it would keep piling on crappy deal after crappy deal. We’ve had enough! We do not recommend this product. We want our money back. (Or at least our stimulus check please.) 

The 20s are plagued 

Don’t believe us? Listen up: 1320 had Black Plague, 1720s Great Plague of Marseille, 1820s Cholera pandemic, and the 1920s pneumonic plague. And, yes, I’m skipping some repeated outbreaks of the 20s in between. But yeah, just so you know – the 20s are cursed. 

Ah, beans! 

This tragic moment on The Office conveys the devastation we all feel. With quarantine, we’re all disappointed that our plans have to be canceled, our dreams fizzled, our spirits plummeting. We bet Kevin’s chili was delicious but we will never know, will we? Thanks 2020. 

Impending doom

It’s very tempting to say “we’re through the worst of it!” But the thing is, that’s not even close to true. With COVID ranks rising, political tensions soaring, tragic news unfolding, we’re in for a whole lot worse. We may be exhausted now, but more chaos is looming – we can feel it. 

The Pit of Despair 

Ah, yes – right where we left off yesterday: the Pit of Despair. Gotta love it. Since when did 2020 news become a terrifying place in The Princess Bride? When are the rats of unusual size coming to kill us? Is that tomorrow? Wouldn’t surprise me. 

2020 strikes again

It doesn’t matter how ready you thought you were for 2020 – we’re all being blasted. 2020 has killer accuracy, your armor will be penetrated.

Donald Glover says it all

2020 started just fine – we’re all down to make the best out of quarantine. Making banana bread, working from home, hermiting inside. Now? We’re all up in arms – ready to push for change. That’s some whiplash. 

2020 fashion 

Some pretty cute looks, right? Currently, I’m still a fan of June – we all look pretty epic out there protesting in the streets. Not sure why fashion bloggers aren’t raving about these signature looks. 

2020 pop quiz!

Learning about 2020 in the future will be a real doozy. Good luck future students – we’re having trouble keeping up ourselves. Better start studying now. 

Apocalypse Bingo

Oh, fun! All we need for a complete bingo is volcano eruption or world war. Both seem pretty promising right now. Can’t wait to hear what’s next.

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