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Many of these series have already received rave reviews. So, get ready to immerse yourself in a world of entertainment that’ll make this Summer one for the books

Grab The Popcorn And Be Sure to Watch These 7 Series This Summer!

Looking for your next binge-worthy series to make your summer fun? Look no further! We’ve curated a list of 7 highly anticipated follow-up seasons to series you’re probably already hooked on. Many of these listed series have already received rave reviews, so it’s very likely that they won’t be limited to just the TV screen. In fact, some of the best new SA online casinos are taking note as we speak so there’s a high probability you’ll be seeing some of these series’ plots or protagonists feature in a few fantastic casino games! Get ready to immerse yourself in a world of entertainment that will make Summer 2023 one for the books. Let’s dive into these 7 gripping worlds and discover what each has to offer.

#1. Black Mirror (Season 6)

While the underlying theme of the past five seasons has always revolved around technology in one way or another, Black Mirror Season 6 takes a fresh approach, focusing more on us humans. In the first episode “Joan Is Awful”, this rather unremarkable girl named Joan finds out that a TV show is basically copying her life. This serves as food for thought about why we’re hooked on stories that bring out the worst in us. Another episode, “Loch Henry,” explores our obsession with true-crime stories and how we tend to forget about the actual people involved. The season keeps delving into our habits and their consequences in episodes like “Mazey Day” and “Beyond the Sea.” Charlie Brooker, the creator behind this series seems determined to rethink the very core of Black Mirror’s identity, and his bold approach manages to keep things fresh, promising an exciting reset for future seasons.

#2. Never Have I Ever (Season 4)

After Season 3’s major cliffhanger, we’re all waiting in anticipation to find out how Devi and Ben’s relationship has turned out. In season 4 we will see Devi going through all the highs and lows of high school life. From her education to her friends and family, everything is put under the microscope. And, of course, we’ll also get an insight into her love life. As Devi faces love and loss, her journey is shaped in unexpected ways, with her late father’s guidance adding an emotional touch to the plot. Her bond with Ben, her frenemy-turned-lover, is ever so complicated, but magnetic nonetheless. While their relationship is satisfying, the love triangle involving Paxton is not quite over yet. At the same time, part of us wonders whether Devi could have found herself better by exploring independence. Caught between two strong desires of wanting love and craving personal growth, Devi’s struggle is one we can all relate to.

#3. Cruel Summer (Season 2)

This popular teen mystery thriller is back with a whole new cast and an exciting story about love and friendship. We follow the journey of Megan, Isabelle, and Luke, set in an idyllic waterfront town in the Pacific Northwest during the turn of the millennium. Get ready for twists and turns across three different timelines as secrets unfold and relationships get even more complicated. But at the heart of it all, it’s the remarkable friendship between Megan and Isabella that steals the show. This rollercoaster ride of emotions and gripping mysteries is bound to keep you on the edge of your seat.

#4. Outlander (Season 7) 

Outlander will be back with an action-packed season that will keep you hooked and ready for more. Season 7 consists of 16 episodes spread across two parts, with the second part likely to debut in 2024. Bringing the Revolutionary War to life, the setting of this season adds a gripping backdrop to the plot, which picks up from the intense cliffhanger of Claire’s imprisonment for murder. We will witness Jamie and Young Ian racing against time to rescue her from wrongful conviction. Season 6’s tension on the Ridge escalates, with Jamie facing deportation and a vengeful antagonist causing havoc. Based on the seventh book, the season promises answers to Claire’s trial and the search for Malva’s true killer. Prepare for some intense emotional highs and lows as the plot unfolds with intriguing episodes like “A Life Well Lost,” The Happiest Place On Earth,” and “A Practical Guide for Time Travelers.”

#5. And Just Like That… (Season 2) 

The second season of Sex And The City is ready to offer that delightful dose of drama and excitement we all need in life. While details of the plot are still under wraps, if season one is any indication, fans can expect the intensity to multiply as Carrie and her BFFs navigate the complexities of love and careers. Following Big’s passing, Carrie is ready to rediscover her groove, especially with the return of former flame Aidan Shaw, reigniting their romance. Charlotte and Miranda are back, bringing their unique dynamics to the mix, along with the intriguing addition of Che Diaz. Though we’ll miss Stanford, Seema and Anthony will keep us entertained, as new exciting layers continue to unfold with each passing episode. 

#6. The Witcher (Season 3) 

Season 3 of this fantasy series – based on Andrzej Sapkowski’s books – will bring us back history’s most ripped babysitter. We will witness monarchs, mages, and beasts hunting for Ciri, as Geralt of Rivia takes her into hiding to protect their newly-reunited family. Henry Cavill will return for the last time as Geralt before Liam Hemsworth takes over the role. As the Continent battles to capture Ciri and Geralt fights to keep his family safe, this epic series promises intense action sequences and a thrilling conclusion. 

#7. The Summer I Turned Pretty (Season 2)

Isabella’s love life was not quite straightforward in Season 1, as she had to navigate the complexities of a love triangle between brothers Conrad and Jeremiah. Now, in season 2, we can expect more romance and drama as her romantic life becomes even more complicated and a family tragedy leaves an indelible mark. Alongside the romantic entanglements, the series also explores the power of female friendships and the unbreakable bond between mothers and their children. Still, the rivalry between the brothers will definitely be one of this season’s hot potato. Will you be cheering for Conrad or rooting for Jeremiah? We bet you won’t be able to stay on the sidelines of this intense tug-of-war!

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