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Peakies have remained a constant fandom and we wanted to shed some light on why it would be peak if you didn’t vote for 'Doctor Who'. Here’s why you should.

Bingewatch Awards: Here’s why ‘Twin Peaks’ Peakies are the Best Fandom

There’s no denying that the internet has impacted fandoms as we know them: from chatting with our friends about that TV show to discussing it with thousands of like-minded individuals known as a fandom. 

Twin Peaks started in 1990 and lasted not very long at all. That doesn’t mean that the fandom did the same. Twin Peaks aired a mere thirty episodes before coming to its end. 

That wasn’t the last we saw of this crime drama, though. The original Twin Peaks was based around an FBI agent as he investigates the murder of a young woman in the town of Twin Peaks. From Twin Peaks (1990) to Twin Peaks: The Return (2017) and everything in between, the fandom have remained dedicated.

The reboot having begun, the Twin Peaks fandom was reborn from the past and present. Peakies have remained a constant fandom and we wanted to shed some light on why it would be peak if you didn’t vote for them. Here’s why you should. 

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Twin Peaks spawned the original fandom

Some argue that modern fandom began with Twin Peaks in the early 90s, and it’s not hard to see why. Even with the limited technology available during the era, the fandom was able to thrive and discuss theories. There’s even academic literature based on Peakies and how the fandom has shifted our viewpoint on fandoms today.

Constantly rewinding the VHS even left some going to buy more. Bingewatching was invented by Peakies, and has since changed the way we consume media. With Peakies labeled as “the Original Fandom” it’s hard to argue why they wouldn’t deserve your votes in our Bingewatch Awards. 

Peakies and their dedication

Over the years, Peakies have continued with their support of Twin Peaks. When the show returned for eighteen episodes, fans rejoiced. Original creators David Lynch and Mark Frost returned and helped bring a continuation of Twin Peaks for Peakies everywhere. 

Not only do Peakies remain immensely loyal to Twin Peaks, but they kept fighting for a reboot or continuation – which led to them getting one a mere 25 years later. Dedication led the show’s original creators to continue what brought together the original fandom. 

Voting for Peakies appears to be the only option for Best Fandom in our Bingewatch Awards! Despite Twin Peaks having originally aired in the 90s, the fandom is as strong as ever and still just as dedicated.

Time is just a number

That said, time is just a number for Peakies. Twin Peaks may officially be over, but that doesn’t mean the fandom is. Accumulating a cult fan base, Twin Peaks became one of the most discussed shows in the early internet era. 

There are forums, discussion threads, and so much more, all thanks to the dedicated fandom. Time may have changed since Twin Peaks’s initial release, but the show has remained timeless throughout the last decade, even with its revival. Not only did Kyle MachLachlan stay with the show, but so did the original creators, truly proving that Twin Peaks is so much more than a television show. It’s a cultural touchstone.

Be sure to vote now for Peakies as Best Fandom in our Bingewatch Awards!

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