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Finally, you can cosplay as your favorite 'Twin Peaks' characters every day – and you’ll only have to pay H&M prices for the privilege.

If every 'Twin Peaks' fan is being honest, we all expected the Emmy nominations to completely screw over what we all know to be one of the greatest

If you’re a big ole David Lynch obsessive like we are, then the idea to take yourself on a 'Twin Peaks' tour of America has no doubt crossed

In March 1991 at a press conference on the set of the Great Northern Hotel, Lynch acknowledged that the dark, pulpy primetime soap he created with Mark Frost

We don’t want to be precious about it because award ceremonies are lame as hell, but we just can’t help ourselves! Here are all the shows that missed

Let’s take a look at some of the biggest and best films that you might not have known were financed by crowdfunding campaigns.

If you’ve been struggling in the swamp of the current heat wave, you hopefully made the wise choice over the weekend to go and enjoy Boots Riley’s oddball

Commercials – they’re a weird one. You might be surprised to know that some of your fave directors made some pretty memorable commercials in their time – here

Here are six of the most ambitious filmmakers who have gone through a whole lot to get their passion projects made.