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If you want to lend your voice to save amazing shows, you can take steps by rewatching, re-registering, and voicing support at the streaming platforms.

Want to save ‘Shadowhunters’ or ‘The OA’? Let’s work together

A 2011 Johns Hopkins University study found the brain was developed for cooperative activity. The researchers’ work demonstrated that people (and plain-tailed wrens) work better together. Despite differences and beliefs and prejudices, an eight-year-old study of some birds in Ecuador discovered brains exhibited a surge of activity when working in tandem with others, showcasing there’s real strength in relying on others.

At this point, you might ask what does that have to do with bingewatching? “Almost nothing” is the answer.

However, it has come to our attention that Shadowhunters and The OA are tied in our Bingewatch Awards and we decided to extend voting by a week to break the tie. Not to sound dramatic, but all of this back-and-forth between selecting Shadowhunters or The OA as the most bingeable show has us feeling just like Johnny (Tommy Wiseau) in The Room: All of this fighting is tearing us apart, Lisa!

Like the Jets and the Sharks, were better together

We’ve waxed poetic on the majesty that is Shadowhunters before, but let’s do it again. The show is smart, witty, and suspenseful. It features a set of unique characters with plenty of LGBTQI representation and seamlessly blends together supernatural, drama, romance, and comedy in one bingeable format. 

Shadowhunters is unique in a TV landscape of shows about beautiful lawyers/doctors/police who cannot express their feelings, and it did not deserve cancellation.

In contrast, The OA is kind of like going to the warehouse party of a friend of a friend. It’s dark, confusing, you feel isolated, and you don’t really know what’s going on – but after 45 minutes it’s your favorite place on earth and you can’t imagine any place you’d rather be.

These shows follow different formats and structures, but there is connective tissue between them. These shows are very different from the rest of the content out there. Every episode is a surprise, and the plot never goes where you think it’s going to.

Instead of pitting one fandom against the other, why can’t we get along and find a common enemy? 

Streaming. Streaming is the enemy

Although it’s very therapeutic, it’s not fair to label Netflix and other streaming platforms as the enemy responsible for all of our pain & suffering. Streaming platforms have broadened the TV landscape, giving a voice to underrepresented communities to tell their stories for an eager audience.

Toxic debt. Toxic debt is what we must blame.

Toxic debt has allowed amazing, genre-bending shows such as Jessica Jones, Santa Clarita Diet, One Day at a Time, Luke Cage, Santa Clarita Diet, Friends from College, Tuca & Bertie, Santa Clarita Diet, She’s Gotta Have It, The Punisher (essentially all Marvel Properties), Dark, Travellers, and Santa Clarita Diet to be metaphorically and physically murdered to satisfy the streaming gods.

The model at Netflix supports interest, rather than investment. If you’re interested in a show, you can watch for a season before moving onto something else. The problem only comes when you’re invested in a show. Fans are invested. Fans are frequently invested in unique, unusual show formats that don’t fit in with what is the most popular. And as a result, fans suffer.

The solution demands a hashtag

Trying to fight against a streaming giant feels very Jack vs. The Beanstalk. It’s daunting. All change seems to be small, and based on a daily effort to lend your support to a show you love. But if you want to lend your voice to amazing shows, you can take steps by rewatching, re-registering, and voicing support. 

A great way to gain notice for an incredible show is to open the app and rewatch the show you love on whatever streaming platform it’s airing on. Views count, particularly if you go on to watch another show suggested by Netflix from outside your watchlist. Go one further and watch it from a different IP address using NordVPN.

Fans can also support shows by re-registering. Signing up to Netflix or Hulu or Amazon (even if it is only for the free trial period) is a practical way for the streaming giants to notice the show.

And finally, after you’ve watched The OA or Shadowhunters for a few couple or dozen or hundred times, canceling a membership and listing the reason for the cancellation is useful to note your concern. You can even use this handy contact form. Make sure you use this hashtag: #CancelNetflix.

And please do continue to vote for your favorites in the Bingewatch Awards, because we’ll be sharing all the lovely data with our friends at the networks. 

Never forget that we’re stronger together. If you want to join our fandom love fest and work together to save our shows, join our Shadowhunters, The OA facebook group now!

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