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The Bingewatch Awards have picked out six of the best episodes of 2019 from shows sadly cancelled and still on the air from the past year. Vote now!

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While we have entered the dawn of a new decade, we’re still going to talk about what happened in 2019 pop culture-wise. After all, January is about both beginnings and endings. We still have a lot of things to discuss about 2019 as a whole. Film Daily’s Bingewatch Awards have picked out six of the best episodes of 2019 from shows sadly cancelled and still on the air from the past year.

Be sure to vote in the Bingewatch Awards for Best TV Episode of 2019 out of these six episodes on our special poll. Keep an eye on our Twitter, @FilmDailyNews, and Film Daily for the results. 

Here, in no particular order, are our nominees.

“Who’s da New King of Hell?” – Lucifer (S4E10)

Through dedication, fans were able to resurrect Lucifer from the bowels of cancellation back in 2018. Now on Netflix, Lucifer, while having a shorter season, also delivered one of the best stories in 2019 with its tight 10-episode narrative. 

Honestly, we could have placed any episode from Lucifer’s stellar fourth season on the list (especially the latter half of it), but the season four finale is truly the crown jewel.

“Who’s da New King of Hell?” represents not only a culmination of Lucifer’s storytelling but also Lucifer’s (Tom Ellis) character development. The final image of Lucifer and Chloe confessing their love to each other as the haunting “My Love Will Never Die” plays in the background is…heartbreaking. It’s one of the saddest cliffhangers that any series could have ended on in the year. It’s a capper to one great hour of television. 

“City of Glass” – Shadowhunters (S3E20)

While the cancellation of Freeform’s beloved Shadowhunters remains a crime against fandom, we were lucky enough to get the two-hour wrap-up episodes in order for a satisfying series finale. Even so, “City of Glass” was a stellar episode of Shadowhunters and a culmination of the great storytelling that the show was known for. 

From Clary (Katherine McNamara) dealing with the actions of dark self to Magnus (Harry Shum Jr) handling his father (Jack Yang), “City of Glass” sets up some truly amazing groundwork for the series finale of Shadowhunters

We also feel like we had some tantalizing look at what would have come if Shadowhunters scored that fourth season. It would have been real good. 

“Overview” – The OA (S2E8) 

The criminally underrated and cancelled too soon Netflix series, The OA, always left viewers with more questions than answers. “Overview”, the season two finale of The OA, actually answers some questions, but definitely leaves audiences wanting more. Given everything, we don’t think we’ll be getting more of the series. Even so, “Overview” encapsulates all that was compelling of The OA from its performances to its beautiful cinematography.

Brit Marling, as ever, gives a multi-faceted and fascinating performance as OA/Pirarie/”Brit”. Hopefully, she gets a lot of work after The OA’s cancellation because she brings a lot to every performance. All of the other actors definitely give it their all giving a strange groundedness to the entire wild proceedings. 

While we’re left with more questions than answers, we can definitely give thanks for this interdimensional, fascinating finale.


“A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good” – Anne with an E (S3E7)

What’s frustrating about Anne with an E is that it would have probably continued if not for the breakdown between the CBC and Netflix. While fans are tirelessly working to get the show revived on some level, we still have the beautiful third and (for now) final season of Anne with an E to enjoy. 

“A Strong Effort of the Spirit of Good” is the seventh episode of the season. What makes it fascinating is, like of much of Anne with an E, how relevant it remains today. Anne (Amybeth McNulty) advocates for respect for women to know their own hearts and minds along with equality for all. 

The episode focuses on her fight against the school board but also how the characters must face their own ideas about the changing world that they live in. It’s a great episode about seeing your own worth and demanding the respect that should always be yours. 

“Chapter 8: Redemption” – The Mandalorian (S1E8) 

The Mandalorian is possibly the greatest thing that Star Wars has produced in recent years. If all its Star Wars TV series are this good, then we wouldn’t mind never seeing another Star Wars film again. “Chapter 8: Redemption” ties together all the build-up over the course of The Mandalorian’s first season in a hugely satisfying way. It also represents something of a full-circle moment with the return of IG-11 (Taika Waititi). 

Under Waititi’s direction, the finale of The Mandalorian’s first season showcases a new status quo, the capacity for change, and gives one of the more jaw-dropping cliffhangers in awhile. We’re dying to see where the series goes next when it returns for season two. Plus, you know, more baby Yoda and single dad Mando (Pedro Pascal). 

“Lebanon” – Supernatural (S14E13)

It’s a rare thing when a television series hits the 300th episode. Heck, it’s a rare thing when one can hit the 100th episode if we’re being honest. Supernatural is currently in its final season. If Supernatural’s series finale is half as good as “Lebanon”, then fans will be in for a treat indeed.

“Lebanon” is a love letter to the series, a tribute to the change and triumphs of the Winchester family, and a satisfying journey from start to finish. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) are able to make some measure of peace with their father (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) that they never were able to get when he was alive. 

All members of the Winchester family are able to have one family meal together, an oasis of normalcy in the weirdness of their lives. “Lebanon” is truly a great episode of Supernatural.

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