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Quarantine has us going stir-crazy, so God bless Netflix for releasing 'Money Heist' part 4 at the perfect time. Here are some crazy theories.

‘Money Heist’: All the crazy theories – including Nairobi is alive

Quarantine has us going stir-crazy, so God bless Netflix for releasing Money Heist part 4 at the perfect time. We’ve had a month to sit on the new eight episodes. And we’re still angry about what we watched. 

Spoilers for Money Heist part 4 below!

Between Nairobi’s revival and then death, Palmero being an unfaithful dick, Arturo turned into a rapist, and Denver suddenly turning into a deadbeat husband and father, we’re confused what happened to the writers of parts 1 and 2. But that doesn’t stop us from binging all of Money Heist in one sitting. 

Now that we’ve had some time to sit on this new season and think about it, we’re ready for part 5. But all Netflix productions have been shut down thanks to Coronavirus, so who knows when we’ll get a finale to the Bank of Spain heist. 

That doesn’t mean we’re not writing part 5 of Money Heist in our heads. Thanks to the La Casa De Papel subreddit that can’t stop talking about the show just like us, we got some theories about what’s coming next. 

Nairobi is on the inside breaking the gang out

Granted, Reddit has yet to decide whether killing Nairobi was in poor taste or not. But they’re also trying to cook up a way that Nairobi will reappear in part 5 of Money Heist. Alba Flores has gone on record saying she’s not filming any more episodes of the series. But fans are still convinced our queen of the matriarchy is alive. 

Just like how fans continue to claim that Berlin is still alive, they claim even with seeing her dead body on-screen and her blood all over Helsinki, she somehow survived getting shot in the head. On top of that, she got snuck out of the bank, and blended in with the cops to help the gang escape. 

Look, we’re also mourning the death of the best character after Berlin, but we’re not stupid. She is clearly dead, and while they managed to save Nairobi’s life once, there’s no way the gang could keep it together to perform a successful brain surgery. The matriarchy is over friends. 

Denver or Stockholm are going down next

Hear us out, because this Reddit theory actually makes some sense. Line up the connections in the series: Oslo, Helsinki, and Nairobi are one. Moscow, Denver, and Stockholm are two. The Professor, Berlin, Palmero, and Lisbon are three. Rio and Tokyo are four. 

In part two, Oslo, Moscow, and Berlin all died. Then, part four killed Nairobi. While you may think they skipped the Rio/Tokyo line, think deeper about it. The torture Rio went through was worse than death, and it broke up their relationship. It’s basically on the same level. 

So, since group one was hit in part four, Denver or Stockholm are up on the chopping block next. With baby Cincinnati still alive, there’s no way they’d kill both of them. But their dear baby is definitely losing at least one parent in the near future. 

Alicia joins the gang for a variety of reasons

Depending on who you talk to, Alicia will join the gang because she’s Tatiana, because she goes into labor and the Professor helps her through it, or because she was burned by police. While all valid theories (except you Tatiana believers), it’s strange if she just follows Raquel’s steps.

Stress definitely can induce birth, and there’s no way Alicia’s blood pressure isn’t sky high after that press conference and finding the Professor’s hideout. So while we do think labor is a possibility (unless she’s faking her pregnancy, don’t get us started on that), we don’t understand how that will motivate her to change teams.

We’re not going into the Tatiana is Alicia theory again, and if you need to know why, that’s exactly why. You’re too blinded by your love of Berlin to understand how they’re not the same person. 

Lastly, it literally is Raquel’s plotline that after being burned by police, she tried to track down the Professor herself at gunpoint. But of course, there were some burning flames of love going on in her heart to motivate her. Alicia doesn’t have that, as she was happily married until he passed. 

The whole reason she got cut off from police is because of The Professor’s actions. So there’s no way she’s willing to forgive the man who ruined her career. Let alone join his team. She’d rather live life on the run by herself without having to deal with anyone else, especially not her worst enemy right now. 

The Professor meets the same fate as his father

Sure, the heist on the Bank of Spain was Berlin’s creation. But the heist on the Royal Mint? That was a dream of Berlin and The Professor’s father brought to life by his sons. Before his death, The Professor was told stories of a place to rob where you could just print your own money and become rich as can be. 

Of course, the stories his father would tell about heists were his own, and this dream of robbing the Mint was truly a dream. But his father was shot to death by police while robbing a bank. He was never able to achieve his dream, but The Professor wouldn’t let that stop him

But flash forward, The Professor has been caught at gunpoint by police in the middle of his heist. Granted, not official police since Alicia has been fired, but still someone with power. Alicia is a cold-hearted bitch too, and would be the one to fire a shot directly into The Professor, sealing his fate. 

The professor has spent his life trying to be exactly like his father. Talking with Raquel, he always talks so highly of his father and has massive respect. So to kill him off in the same way as his father? Poetry in motion. Though, maybe hold off on killing him after just killing Nairobi a few episodes ago.

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