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Part 4 of Netflix’s 'Money Heist' is finally out in the world, and we have so many thoughts. Here's why we believe Inspectora Alicia will join the crew!

Netflix’s ‘Money Heist’: Here’s why Inspectora Alicia will join the gang

Part 4 of Netflix’s Money Heist is finally out in the world, and we have so many thoughts. Most of them involve Nairobi, but we’ll talk about that another time. Today, we’re here to discuss that ending that Alex Pena stuck us with until part 5 inevitably comes out. 

Spoilers for part 4 of Money Heist below!

While most of the gang make it out of the Bank of Spain alive, and the group meets back up with Raquel, it seems like the series will end on a happy note. But this is Money Heist we’re talking about here. Of course, tragedy is about to hit. 

As the Professor is celebrating in his warehouse over the gang’s success, we see a mysterious figure with a gun in the background. The Professor notices too and quickly we figure out Alicia has found the Professor’s hideout. She holds him at gunpoint right as the episode ends. 

So, with plenty of time, until we’ll find out what happens in the Professor and Alicia’s standoff, the theories are ablaze. Our theory? Alicia is about to follow Raquel’s lead, and switch sides. There’s evidence to defend this though

Alicia is a loose cannon

While “antihero” is definitely the better term, Alicia couldn’t care less about what’s morally right and wrong. What matters is what’s right in that specific situation. Considering that’s the Professor’s whole argument each time he sets up these heists, she fits in morally with the rest of the team. 

No one can’t be forgiven

Technically speaking, Alicia didn’t kill Nairobi, just gravely injured her. Do we not remember Tokyo getting bitch slapped by Raquel when she first comes to Thailand, but then the two get over their issues? Same thing could happen for Alicia, though she won’t have the protection of the Professor’s love. 

Alicia is no longer on the police force

After everything that went down, Alicia was fired from not only the case but the entire department as a whole. She tied up her loose ends with her job, and needs to find something else to do. Plus, what better way to get revenge on the people that shut you out by teaming up with their enemies?

A girl with a smart mouth and quick thinking skills

We need a replacement female for Nairobi. Clearly, after watching the way she flirted with the Professor with no issue, it’s clear she can be a smart ass when needed. But she’s also good at thinking on her feet, getting herself out of whatever hole she ends up in. Is she any good at authenticating money?

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  • Nice work Beth,
    What I really think is that the professor is gonna do is to offer Alicia a mouth watering offer in finances especially to the baby she’s carrying. The psychic (prof) is gonna talk her into the police she’s worked here entire life for gone in a jiffy, but she could have a new family here with the heist giving her and the baby a new dream.



    April 9, 2020
  • Another hand, listen she sing Bella Ciao at the end LOL.

    August 23, 2020

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