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We love us some more 'Money Heist', and while we don't want the show to be rebooted, we can't help but dream what the cast would be for

As production continues on Netflix's 'Money Heist', fans are worried for the ending of the show. Here's what creator Alex Pena says about the show.

'Money Heist' is easily one of the biggest shows on Netflix worldwide, so it's no surprise others are trying to copy the show's fomula. But fans aren't happy.

Now that we know 'Money Heist' season 5 is in production, we're concerned for the cast. Are the cast and crew being protected from COVID-19 while filming?

It's hard not to fall further in love with 'Money Heist' as you dive into the soundtrack. Just the songs in season 3 prove it.

It's been two months since 'Money Heist' season 4 hit Netflix, and we know you've probably forgetten a lot that happened. Here's a quick recap on season 4.

We're missing our dear 'Money Heist' cast after blowing through part 4. So if you want more thieves, check out where you can see the cast now.

The 'Money Heist' cast is easily one of the hottest TV casts to set foot on Netflix since the show debuted. So we did our dilligent duty and

We keep flipping back and forth on this theory, and we’re blaming Alex Pena for that. 'Money Heist' season 4 has kept us guessing. Let's unpack the theory.