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We keep flipping back and forth on this theory, and we’re blaming Alex Pena for that. 'Money Heist' season 4 has kept us guessing. Let's unpack the theory.

‘Money Heist’ season 4: Why we’re convinced Alicia is actually Tatiana

We keep flipping back and forth on this theory, and we’re blaming Alex Pena for that. Money Heist season 4 is leaving us still confused as to what happened to Tatiana (Diana Gomez), especially after getting some more information on her and Berlin’s relationship. What’s with Netflix constantly trying to confuse us with their shows?

If you haven’t gotten a chance to catch back up with the Professor and the gang, huge spoiler warning for Money Heist part 4. Since we know that Tatiana and Berlin (Pedro Alonso) got married, and that Alicia (Najwa Nimri) is sneaky and conniving enough to find the Professor (Alvaro Morte) after getting fired from her job, there’s a lot more evidence for us to dig through. 

So it’s time to try and answer this question once and for all: are Tatiana and Alicia the same person? Let’s try and figure out what we can expect from this theory in Money Heist part 5.

Tatiana didn’t just vanish

If Berlin and Tatiana got legally married, then Tatiana didn’t just disappear out of his life one day. We don’t know yet why she leaves, but we can guess based on the flashbacks during the heist planning in parts one and two that she’s gone. 

Tatiana would’ve left her husband for a good reason. Maybe it had to do with his terminal illness. Maybe it had to do with a fight over the heists. Maybe it had to do with a specific heist. We don’t know for certain, but we can assume that Tatiana left because of something that happened between her and Berlin. 

Alicia’s husband’s name is German

During an interrogation scene between her and Lisbon (Itziar Ituno), Alicia finally reveals more about her baby’s father: her dead husband named German. He passed away two months after finding out he had pancreatic cancer. His last words to her? “Turn on the news.”

You know what’s a German city? Berlin. You know who also was set to die quickly from a terminal illness? Berlin. You know who would 100% call his wife to tell her “Turn on the news” as his dying words to her? Berlin. This is a smooth way of trying to hide his existence if that’s what the writers are doing. 

Alicia is a master of manipulating emotions (and a fake pregnancy)

We already saw with luring Nairobi (Alba Flores) using her son that Alicia is good with messing with people’s emotions. She’s playing the game just as well, if not better, than the Professor and Lisbon when it comes to negotiations. She even told Suarez (Mario de la Rosa) to fake execute Lisbon to trick the Professor into doing something drastic, like shooting the cops with a grenade launcher. 

So Alicia probably knew that the Professor would leak Rio (Miguel Herran) being tortured and Lisbon being illegally detained to help gain sympathy for the robbers. But if a pregnant woman was making the decisions, it’s easy to fake sympathy from people since “baby brain” is definitely a real issue. Besides, even if Alicia is Tatiana, that’s not Berlin’s kid she’s having. 

Tatiana is no amateur thief

When we first meet Tatiana during Berlin, Palmero (Rodrigo de la Serna), and the Professor’s lunch meeting, it’s clear this wouldn’t be her first heist. If the Professor didn’t have such strong feelings about loose baggage, Tatiana would’ve made a perfect addition to the team. 

So wouldn’t it be helpful if police had a master thief on their side trying to help beat some other thieves? Just like how Alicia knows exactly what game the Professor is playing with her? It’s hard not to see the connections between the two when their wit comes into play. 

Alicia found the Professor

Even after being fired, publically thrown under the bus by her boss, and shamed on every news station in the country, Alicia wasn’t giving up the case. It’s clear that this case became personal to her, and she needed to solve it to feel complete. Following the clues, Alicia was able to finally track down the location of the Professor.

Or, did she just know the basic ideas of the plan and needed just a helping hand to get an exact location? It’s impossible to think that just his license plate would’ve let Alicia straight to the Professor’s hideout. If she had an idea of where to look though, because she knew the general vicinity of where he’d be hiding, that makes a lot more sense.

There’s a lot more evidence suggesting there is a connection between Alicia and Tatiana. Whether they’re the same person or not, we can’t tell for sure. But there is something between the two that we’re not being told. Money Heist season 4 didn’t answer our questions, so we hope season 5 does. 

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