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Alicia – or should we call you Tatiana? Everything ‘Money Heist’ season 4

Netflix’s Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) is an international sensation and has been one of the most highly ranked (and highly watched) show on Netflix since its debut in 2017. It’s a Spanish heist drama that gives us everything we could want in a television show: it has comedy, drama, car explosions, romance, backstabbing, bank explosions, tragedy, thrills, underwater explosions, and a truly insane plot. 

It also has a lot of explosions, if we have not made that clear. 

Part 3 ended on an enormous cliffhanger that has us worried and checking Reddit threads to guess where part 4 is headed. Luckily, Netflix realized they have a good thing going and are giving us rabid viewers a fourth part (unlike The OA, Tuca and Bertie, The Santa Clarita Diet, etc.), so we can find out what happened after the thieves ended up stuck in the middle of a heist on the Bank of Spain.

We have a lot of theories but not enough yarn to connect them all

With another part in the pipeline, what can we expect from Money Heist? Part four has reportedly already completed filming and should be ready for release early in 2020. 

Part 3 ended on not so much a cliffhanger as a bank-hanger as the gang completed Berlin’s (Pedro Alonso) and El Professor’s (Álvaro Morte) plan to perform a heist on the Bank of Spain. Then the Professor and the gang declared war on the police on their way to attack them, which seems fitting considering the current political climate.

As for fan theories for part 4, they have ranged from dead characters pulling a Jesus and coming back from the grave, to intricate plots about the end game of the entire show. There are a lot of conspiracies floating out on the internet about Money Heist, but only one is consuming our every waking moment: 

Who is Tatiana?

Part 3 introduces a few new characters into the mix, including Berlin’s former girlfriend Tatiana (Diana Gómez). Berlin told Tatiana all about the bank heist before he died, and it seems pretty clear she’ll hold a pivotal role and position in the group in part 4. 

In S3E6, Tatiana is introduced as a concert pianist (and thief) when El Professor go to breakfast with her, Berlin, and Palermo (Rodrigo De la Serna) during the planning phase before the action of the pilot. Diana Gómez plays Tatiana during the scene, but fans are postulating the new character could also be Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri). Wait, Tatiana and Alicia are the same person?


Tatiana & Alicia both have bangs, they both look great with a red lip, and one of the biggest questions at the end of part 3 involves who inspector Alicia Sierra (Najwa Nimri) really is. Fans have theorized she might be Tatiana, while some have even suggested Alicia could be faking her pregnancy.

Tatiana & Alicia are not portrayed by the same actor, but it’s possible she’s changed over the past few years. Or maybe the Face-off machine from Face/Off is real and Alicia has access to it. Reddit user vulturoj suggested Alicia is somehow involved with the heist. “The fact that she plays her cards so well may be supported by how she understands how Berlin and The Professor’s brains work. But that’s if she is Tatiana.”

It’s possible the Professor recruited his brother’s girlfriend to help out with the plan, particularly since police inspector Raquel (Itziar Ituño) from the first and second parts eventually joined the gang as Lisbon. The plan requires years of effort to perfect. It makes a certain kind of sense that Tatiana could be deep undercover, and Lisbon’s police capture was a tactical effort planned from the beginning.

So what about the baby? Is it a fake baby a la American Sniper?

This is where our theory could fall apart. If Alicia is Tatiana, then she’s having Berlin’s kid. The event timeline wouldn’t match up – it’s been two years since the first heist took place. Berlin was shot at its completion so that everyone else could escape, and the likelihood of him being the father seems slim (unless Tatiana went the artificial insemination route, always a consideration).

Reddit user Jukazuki theorized the pregnancy could be fake, while vulturoj added that “when her sadistic practices are leaked to the world, people won’t hate her as much since she’s pregnant. If that’s the case then she’s brilliant.”

At this point, our theories are just theories. And if we’re shouting out what we wish for part 4, we would also greatly appreciate it if Berlin turned out to be alive after all. To find out who Tatiana & Alicia and the unnamed baby really are, and what part they play in Money Heist, we’ll have to check out the show when it returns for part 4. We’ll be biting our gold dust-covered fingernails the while.

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