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Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, Little Saint James, was a hotspot for Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Here's everything we know about the island.

Little Saint James: The history behind Jeffrey Epstein’s private island

Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, Little St. James, was a hotspot for Epstein’s sex trafficking ring. Away from the prying eyes of law enforcement and in a remote location, Epstein believed he could get away with anything there. 

How did Jeffrey Epstein come to purchase Little St. James? As an investor with a lot of stock market experience, a private equity firm, and tons of connections to the rich & famous, he had the money and connections to purchase his own private island. 

While most celebrities use private islands as getaways from the press, Jeffrey Epstein used Little St. James as a cover for sex trafficking operations. Here’s his history as the owner of Little St. James and what’s going on with the island today. 

Little St. James before Epstein

Little St. James is a small, private island off the coast of St. Thomas in the US Virgin Islands. It’s about seventy-two acres and is mainly used for private ownership. It used to be owned by venture capitalist Arch Cummin before Jeffrey Epstein bought it. 

There were also some more innocent visits to the island. According to some reports, Stephen Hawking took a team of physicists to Little St. James to study quantum phenomena unique to the island. 

Jeffrey Epstein purchases Little St. James

In 1998, Jeffrey Epstein bought Little St. James as a private residence. He bought it as a private firm, LSJ LLC, which he was the sole investor. He bought it for $7.5 million when some sources say it was originally worth $10 million. Today, due to renovations Epstein did, the island is valued at over $60 million. 

Island of Sin

Little St. James became known as the “island of sin” by people in his circle. Even if they were unaware of the underage girls trafficked on the island, Epstein made it a hit spot for wild parties. One weekend, he had Victoria’s Secret models flown in for a party. 

The island had similar nicknames, like Orgy Island and Pedophile Island. Jeffrey Epstein called Little St. James “Little St. Jeff,” because he had an immense amount of power and anonymity there. 

For the girls trafficked on Little St. James, it was a nightmare. One tried to escape by swimming to Great St. James, but she was caught and threatened against trying to escape again. 

Celebrity visitors

Jeffrey Epstein frequently took celebrities to visit his island. Among the known alleged visitors are former US President Bill Clinton, Harvard Professor Emeritus Alan Derschowitz, and Prince Andrew, Duke of York. There were other unnamed celebrities, actors, CEOs, and entrepreneurs who also visited the island. 

Locals knew what was going on

The airport workers on St. Thomas knew about Jeffrey Epstein transporting minors to Little St. James. Locals reported that he would be seen with girls who couldn’t be older than sixteen. They also noted that Jeffrey Epstein tipped generously, motivating people to not come forward. 

Greater St. James

In 2017, Jeffrey Epstein purchased the island next to Little St. James, Greater St. James, for over $17 million. Epstein planned on building a compound there. However, another reason for the purchase was the island’s close proximity to Little St. James. 

Authorities could use Greater St. James to surveil activity on Little St. James, risking Jeffrey Epstein’s cover. Also, some of Epstein’s victims tried to swim to Greater St. James in the past. If Jeffrey Epstein owned both islands, he would have a greater chance of not getting caught and not allowing his victims to escape. 


After Jeffrey Epstein’s death, a search warrant was issued for federal agents to raid Little St. James for evidence. It’s currently a tourist destination for curious locals who want to see the lavish buildings Epstein constructed there while he was alive.

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