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As far as Jeffrey Epstein’s island on Little St. James, not much is known about what went on there. Here's what we know of the Epstein island.

Jeffrey Epstein’s island: All the most appalling things to happen there

TW: rape, abuse

Everything about the Jeffrey Epstein case is horrible. From the sex trafficking and abuse of underage girls to the cover-up involving the US government, including former Secretary of Labor Alex Acosta, the whole case stinks. 

From 2002-2005, Jeffrey Epstein took multiple underage girls to his homes in Florida and New York and sexually assaulted them. He was only caught after the parents of one of the victims filed a report and pushed for charges. Since he assaulted girls over state lines, he was charged federally. An FBI investigation uncovered multiple assaults. 

A hotspot for assaults happened on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, Little St. James. Called names like “Pedophile Island” or “Orgy Island,” Little St. James was known among the elite as a party hotspot where rich people could violate girls and get away with it. 

As far as Jeffrey Epstein’s island on Little St. James, not much is known about what went on there. That’s due to the isolated nature of the island. What we do know transpired is atrocious, all the more so because many of the crimes may never come to light. 

Kidnapping multiple underage girls

Jeffrey Epstein lured girls to his island. We know from the 2005 investigation against Epstein that his assistants would recruit underage girls to come to his Palm Beach, FL home for “massages” for compensation. It was found that he forced them to strip naked and assaulted them after these acts. 

On Little St. James, reports of debauched parties with prostitutes surfaced through the late 1990s and 2000s. A 2018 lawsuit uncovered that Epstein kept a computerized list of underage girls on or near the US Virgin Islands to track and lure to his island. 

In Florida, we know from investigations that Epstein had his assistants target underage girls who were runaways or otherwise vulnerable since they were less likely to go to the police. From the computerized list, it seems like he tracked girls to lure in the US Virgin Islands as well. 

Forcing minors to have sex with wealthy men

In 2012, Virginia Roberts came forward and reported she was forced to have sex with wealthy men like Prince Andrew and attorney Alan Derschowitz in an affidavit. Both men and Buckingham Palace (responsible for PR regarding the UK’s Royal Family) denied the allegations. 

Roberts wasn’t alone in her story, as multiple women came forward to report they were raped by Jeffrey Epstein himself or a wealthy, powerful associate at one of Epstein’s estates

No escape

Two underage girls tried to escape the island during their captivity according to a 2018 lawsuit. One was physically restrained, tied up in a room, and threatened with harm if she tried to escape again. Another’s passport was seized when she was found trying to swim to Greater St. James to escape. 

Child nudity

In 1999, an IT company severed ties with Jeffrey Epstein due to minor girls unsupervised on the island. Not only that, but topless photos of the girls exist. More brazenly, Epstein kept them in a file labeled “nude girls.” 

Why would Jeffrey Epstein explicitly label evidence like that? Most everyday criminals aren’t that dumb! Because Epstein was so rich he thought he was immune from prosecution. The US Attorney General already caved to pressure from your attorneys to cut a too-generous plea deal, proving himself right in his mind. It was about boldness. 

Purchased Greater St. James to hide activity on his island

According to a lawsuit in 2018, Jeffrey Epstein attempted to buy Greater St. James to conceal his activities there. He tried purchasing the island for $20 million as a concealed buyer. The reason? Greater St. James is in surveillance and swimming distance from Epstein’s island. 

Searching Epstein’s Island

The US Virgin Islands made Epstein register as a sex offender, but in 2019, reports surfaced that he still brought underage girls there. After Epstein’s death, a search on Little St. James was ordered. 

Jeffrey Epstein used the US Virgin Islands to open up multiple businesses, but their purposes aren’t known. He had multiple people on St. Thomas sign non-disclosure agreements as part of charity work and pageants he threw on the island, so locals are still reluctant to speak out.

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