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Jimin’s style is the definition of cool. Here are some of the most iconic lewks from the BTS star.

A true style icon: The best lewks from Jimin of BTS

Jimin’s style is the definition of cool. He is one of the best dressed members of BTS if we do say so ourselves. His outfits are iconic, trendsetting, and will probably be in fashion history books one day. 

Shall we compare Jimin to a summer’s day? This medieval peasant blouse is so romantic and perfectly juxtaposed next to the black pants and silver hardware on the belt & chain. The look says: “I’ll be in your dreams. . . and maybe your nightmares.” (Too much?)

Jimin is changing the game in this asymmetrical, oversized plaid top. We love how he takes a basic like a plaid shirt and then makes it so fresh and cool.

Jimin looks so effortless in this cozy, varsity letterman style cardigan. The pop of red and yellow really make it stand out and match impeccably to the yellow and navy ties on his Puma X Rihanna beanie. 

On the stage for M Countdown, the world’s number one K-pop show, Jimin sported an iconic half blazer by fashion designer Yohji Yamamoto. He looked so suave in this piece he could have won in Netflix’s Next in Fashion. It’s absolutely iconic

Jimin looks very sharp and well-put-together in this military inspired top with gold accents. The red trimming against the navy blue background is absolutely stunning. He pairs it with a jade green hat. We love the way that he plays around with color pairings. (Maybe we need to experiment with our wardrobe a little more. . . .)

K-popstar or K-rockstar? Jimin looks incredibly badass in a red & green jewel encrusted leather jacket with a dazzling Gucci logo t-shirt. His slick black pants are super stylish and complete the look exquisitely. (We’re hoping he doesn’t need lotion and powder like Ross in Friends.)

Jimin makes sweater vests look, dare we say. . . sexy! The BTS star arrived at the airport in this school-boy chic outfit complete with a Gucci vest, Gucci loafers, and Balenciaga sunglasses. He can effortlessly go from badass rocker to preppy university student and still look equally as cool. (We certainly don’t look this put together when we arrive at the airport. It’s a sweatpants kind of affair for us.) 

Okay, we’re definitely going to be recreating this look for fall. This outfit is such a simple concept, yet looks so stylish and chic. We love the pops of yellow coming from the plaid shirt and the ties in Jimin’s Puma X Rihanna beanie. The cuffed sleeves peeking out from his leather jacket really make the look.

Jimin rocked this denim on denim look complete with a black top, bag, and Dr. Martens shoes. The two tones of denim on the Kenzo jacket break up the all-denim look and the black simplifies the outfit and keeps it looking polished and trendy. 

(We’ve always been a little bit scared of the “Canadian tuxedo” but Jimin pulled it off so well we might just give it a shot.

Jimin looked like a million bucks in this beaded red satin officer bomber jacket from Saint Laurent. The “Saint Laurent Fleur de Lys” goes for almost three thousand dollars. 997,000 is all pure Jimin sunshine, the other 3,000 is due to the designer jacket. (Do they sell anything like this but cheaper at Zara by any chance?) 

Jimin looks like a dream in this glittery pastel-colored Chanel tweed jacket. He looks elegant, yet casual in light wash jeans & a white t-shirt. We love how he takes a formal statement piece and dresses it down. 

Jimin’s style is revolutionary. His outfits are expensive but many can be recreated. He is truly a style icon who is pushing the boundaries on what is cool & stylish. He’s by far our favorite BTS member for fashion inspo! What are your favorite Jimin outfits? 

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  • DAMN! So well writen and put together! Definitely trying the school uniform fit when the lockdown is lifted!

    October 13, 2020

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