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BTS continues to top Billboard's Hot 100 chart for ten weeks! Take a look at how they broke a Billboard record and the "On" singers' rise to the

BTS member Jungkook held a VLive stream and performed plenty of covers and BTS hits! Take a look how ARMY reacted on Twitter due to the surprise show.

BTS continues to stay at the top of Billboard's Hot 100 list for eight weeks. Take a look at why the Korean band remains the most popular K-pop

If you're a huge fan of Jimin from BTS, surely you must know all his best moments on stage. Let's take a look and see if you remember

Twitter users are mass deleting their accounts for a reason that may seem a bit odd, but it’s a good reason. Get ready to hit delete as we

Get ready BTS ARMY members because the band is back with a brand new song. Boogey down to see how Twitter likes "Permission to Dance".

We swam through the giant platform and found YouTube videos with the most likes. Without further ado, here they are!

After the resignation of HYBE CEO band PD, ARMY's left wondering what will happen to BTS? Check out the deets on the band's future right here!

Chicken nuggets on a shoe? Only the BTS ARMY would do something this crazy. Have you ordered McDonald's signature BTS order yet?