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Here’s how BABYMONSTER turned K-Pop upside down

As we continue to traverse the ultra-viral word of Kpop, where acts traditionally mark their territory with high-energy performances and up-close fan interactions, YG Entertainment’s newest girl group BABYMONSTER is shaking things up. 

How? By boldly choosing an ‘untact’ approach in an industry that thrives on contact. This move isn’t just a ripple in the K-pop ocean—it’s a tidal wave setting new records and redefining debut strategies.

A Digital Sensation in the Making

Within ten days of their debut, BABYMONSTER has become a household name, but not in the way you might expect. Skipping the usual music show performances, they’ve built a fortress of fans online. 

And the numbers? They speak for themselves. Their debut track “Batter Up” didn’t just hit home; it knocked it out of the park with over 10 million streams on Spotify and YouTube, making it the fastest K-pop girl group debut song to reach this milestone. But that’s not all—on YouTube, the music video for “Batter Up” exploded with 22.59 million views on day one, racing towards the 100 million mark.

Chart-Topping and Trendsetting

It’s not just about views and streams; BABYMONSTER is also making waves on the Billboard charts. Their debut single clinched the 49th spot on the Global Chart and soared to the 5th place on the World Digital Song Sales Chart. This is more than a debut; it’s a statement. 

The group’s innovative approach has garnered attention, with industry insiders tipping their hats to YG Entertainment’s marketing genius. The anticipation is building: when will BABYMONSTER hit the offline stage? One thing’s for sure—their transition from digital to real-world performances will be a spectacle to watch.

Babymonster isn’t just a name you’ll scroll past. This week, they’ve etched their name on the World Digital Song Sales chart at an impressive number five with “Batter Up,” outpacing even established hits. It’s a significant achievement, especially considering the stiff competition and the dominance of long-standing K-pop acts.

YouTube Fame to Billboard Acclaim

“Batter Up” is Babymonster’s golden ticket, but it’s not their first brush with fame. Earlier, their YouTube-exclusive track “Dream” climbed the Hot Trending Songs chart, proving their music resonates beyond traditional platforms. YG Entertainment, the mastermind behind acts like 2NE1 and Blackpink, has struck gold again with Babymonster. And the best part? There’s more music on the horizon. Babymonster’s debut on the Billboard chart is a testament to their burgeoning popularity, especially in the U.S. market. The future looks bright for these seven talented performers.

Exciting news for BABYMONSTER fans: a brand new song is set to drop on February 1, 2024! In a recent YouTube announcement, Yang Hyun-suk of YG Entertainment gave us the lowdown. 

But there’s a twist: Ahyeon, one of the original seven members, had to take a health-related hiatus, leading to the group’s debut as a six-member act. Despite this, the excitement for Ahyeon’s eventual return is palpable, and BABYMONSTER’s story is far from over. This February release marks just the beginning of what promises to be a thrilling year for the group.

The Road Ahead for BABYMONSTER

BABYMONSTER’s journey has been a rollercoaster even before their debut. YG Entertainment recently confirmed that Ahyeon will be taking time off for her health, a decision that reflects the industry’s growing attention to artists’ well-being. While fans eagerly await her return, the remaining members—Asa, Chiquita, Haram, Rora, Pharita, and Ruka—carry the BABYMONSTER banner forward. 

This diverse group, hailing from Korea, Thailand, and Japan, is ready to make their mark. With millions of YouTube views already under their belt, the only question that remains is: What heights will BABYMONSTER reach in 2024?

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