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Just why are the members of Monsta X going into the military? Look at the shocking reality here!

Just why are the members of MONSTA X enlisting in the military?

South Korean pop sensation Kihyun is about to embark on a new journey, leaving behind the glittering stage for a more disciplined life. The MONSTA X star’s military enlistment is just around the corner, but he’s not leaving without a heartfelt message to his fans. The members of the band have already shared their thoughts, and now the members are speaking out in even newer ways. 

Meanwhile, his bandmates Shownu and Hyungwon have made a bold debut as the boyband’s first sub-unit with The Unseen. What’s going on in the world of MONSTA X? And most importantly, which members are going to the front line? Let’s dive in!

Kihyun’s Farewell: A Heartfelt Letter

Kihyun isn’t the first from MONSTA X to step into military service. Following Shownu (discharged after enlisting in July 2021), Minhyuk (in April 2023), and Joohoney (in July 2023), the talented singer is set to enlist on August 22. In a letter to fans translated by Koreaboo, he opened up about his thoughts, promising to be back soon and encouraging fans to take care and be happy.

Kihyun’s relationship with his fans is something special. His note resonated with warmth and gratitude, reflecting the bond between artist and fan. What can we expect from him after this new chapter?

Meanwhile, MONSTA X is far from slowing down. Shownu and Hyungwon recently unleashed their debut mini-album, The Unseen. This innovative project explores the human condition, diving into the real ‘me’ and the ‘me’ one wants to be.

A Mysterious Journey

The Unseen‘s album trailer is nothing short of a captivating experience. Shownu and Hyungwon take us on a puzzling, hallucinatory ride through alternate dimensions, guided by a piece of black fabric that connects it all. It’s an intriguing introduction to the MONSTA X sub-unit and their creative process.

In an interview with NME, Shownu and Hyungwon revealed their thoughts on the album and the complexities of being human. Their artistic exploration of inner contradictions and desires offers a unique musical experience that fans won’t want to miss.

If the sounds of The Unseen catch you off guard, that’s the point. Shownu and Hyungwon weren’t afraid to depart from MONSTA X’s usual style. From the sultry lead single “Love Me A Little” to the dream-pop masterpiece “Slow Dance,” this album showcases their fearlessness as artists.

In collaboration with dance crew FreeMind, Shownu even designed the choreography for “Love Me A Little,” adding a new layer to the song’s experience. The process was new and challenging, yet it perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this unique sub-unit.

The Road Ahead

The creation of The Unseen wasn’t always smooth sailing. Both Shownu and Hyungwon faced new challenges and adapted to new roles within the sub-unit. Shownu, fresh from military service, jumped into the project with gusto, while Hyungwon embraced a new level of production responsibility.

Their synergy, dedication, and innovation have resulted in a cohesive record that speaks volumes about their experience and artistry. And above all, The Unseen is a celebration of self-love, encouraging fans to embrace their complexities.

MONSTA X continues to push boundaries, whether it’s Kihyun’s heartfelt enlistment, Shownu and Hyungwon’s innovative sub-unit, or the band’s ever-evolving sound. They’ve proven time and again that they’re not just about catchy tunes but also about profound artistic expression.

The world of K-Pop is ever-changing, and MONSTA X is leading the charge. As fans wave goodbye to Kihyun and welcome the fresh sounds of The Unseen, one can’t help but wonder: what’s next for MONSTA X? Will their creativity continue to blossom and inspire fans across the globe? 


Do you think the members of MONSTA X can escape the military? Let us know in the comments!

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