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Kpop is taking over the Lego world-  The BTS Lego set sold out in 10 Minutes 


BlackPink and K-pop are the most popular groups in the world right now. They have a huge fan base, and their music has been streamed billions of times. It only makes sense that a BlackPink Lego set is in the works. But, for the set to become a reality, there must be 10,000 supporters and Black Pink and Kpop Taking Over Lego.


With the influence of the BlackPink fanbase, a BlackPink Lego set could reach the 10,000 required supporters on the Lego Ideas website much faster than BTS.


As a starting point, BlackPink has a large social media presence. Their Facebook page has over twenty-five million likes, and their Twitter account has over four million followers. This gives them an immense reach, which they can use to spread the word about the proposed set. 

Can the Blinks rise and show support faster than the BTS army of fans?


The Blinks and the BTS army can be incredibly powerful support forces for their artists. BTS and its fanbase, ARMY, have been extremely successful, demonstrating loyalty and dedication that has gained the group unparalleled success. 


Can the Blinks rise up and show support faster than the BTS army of fans? This is a tough question because both fanbases are incredibly loyal and devoted. While the Blinks could certainly launch a campaign in a shorter amount of time and showcase their enthusiasm quickly, the BTS army has one of the biggest and most active fanbases in the world. They have been around longer and have had more time to develop both a large following and efficient communication structures. Ultimately, it may be impossible to determine which group can show support faster, but it is clear that both have the potential to make a powerful impact.

Comparison Between Blinks & BTS Army


The Blinks are known for their incredible loyalty and the ability to show their support for their group in powerful, creative ways. When BLACKPINK released its comeback single ‘How You Like That,’ it recorded 82.4 million views in just 24 hours – the most views a music video has ever achieved in a single day. The Blinks showed their support by streaming BLACKPINK’s music, which led to the group breaking their record the day their second single ‘Ice Cream’ was released, with 86.3 million views.


The BTS army has also shown incredible dedication to the group by displaying immense online and real-world support. For example, the fandom has donated to charities and supported other groups, creating an overall positive atmosphere in the K-pop community. Additionally, military service members in South Korea have sent messages of support for BTS, strengthening the bond between the group and their fans.


Though the Blinks and the BTS army have shown great support for their respective artists, it is challenging to compare them since their support methods are so different. However, it is clear that both fanbases have a powerful impact on the success of their groups and will undoubtedly continue to show their support in unique and powerful ways.


How To Vote For Blackpink?

Follow these easy steps to vote and support blackpink.


  1. Go to the website 
  2. Sign up or register an account for free.
  3. Search for Blackpink.
  4. Click on support for your vote.


The BTS Lego set sold out in 10 minutes when it went live online. Will BlackPink do it quicker?


K-pop is undeniably taking over the world in its unique way. While many fandoms have succeeded in breaking into traditional media, the latest BTS Lego set took things to a new level. The BTS Lego set sold out in ten minutes when it became available online. That fast befuddles many curious fans now waiting with bated breath to see if BlackPink can beat it when their own Lego set releases. Who will be the Lego champion of K-pop? Only time will tell.


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