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Here's exactly how BABYMONSTER has made it above and beyond the world of Kpop has-beens into the stratosphere with BTS and Blackpink.

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Inspired by the Kpop sensation ENHYPEN, fans worldwide have been flooding TikTok with their take on the #biteme challenge ignited by Sunghoon.

Korean singer Taeyang, from the famous boyband BIGBANG, has announced he's having a baby! See who his wife is and when he will return to the stage.

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We admit it, we are as addicted to K-pop as you. Check out these K-pop memes surrounding these lovable bands and the antics of their fans.

New year, new album? Why the band BTS and their growing tracklist could possibly be hinting at a new studio album. BTS ARMY, are you freaking out like