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We admit it, we are as addicted to K-pop as you. Check out these K-pop memes surrounding these lovable bands and the antics of their fans.

Still listening to K-pop on repeat? Laugh at these memes while you jam out

Still jamming out to K-pop these days? Whether your favorite musical group is TWICE or BTS, K-pop stans can all agree on at least one thing: K-pop is addicting AF. While you’re dancing along to your fave songs, why not scroll through and laugh along at these K-pop memes as well? 

Anyone except your bias

Yeah, you may know realistically that Jungkook isn’t actually going to make eye contact with you in the crowd at the next BTS concert and fall in love, but it still hurts when dating rumors swirl around. 

Learning Korean

Despite however much K-pop you may listen to, it’s still incredibly hard to learn any new language regardless. 

BLINKS, this is for you

We love all the girls in Blackpink, but what we love most about them is how each one of them have such distinct & different personalities from one another. Let us know your bias in the group in the comments. 


Whether it’s real life drama or K-pop drama, we all can’t help but be invested in what’s going on. 

Math class

Yes, we can sing along to every single word of our fave K-pop songs despite not being fluent in the language, but understanding math is a different story. 

Hearing K-pop in public

Finding another K-pop stan in the wild is always the best. 


What’s even better  is when the two of you have the same bias so you can obsess over them together IRL. 


That moment when you write “Fluent in Korean” on your resume as soon as you understand a few words without needing subtitles. 

Our emotional support K-pop boy

Who’s your emotional support K-pop boy? Let us know in the comments. 

No more, please

A distressed Lisa is still a beautiful Lisa!

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