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As Itzy star begins to rise, we can't help but wonder what the Blackpink members themselves are thinking. Take a look!

Blackpink meets ‘The Idol’: Is “One Of The Girls” Jennie’s best track?

Brace yourself for a fresh wave of music with the release of the original soundtrack single album, The Idol Episode Four. With eclectic tracks from The Weeknd, BLACKPINK’s Jennie, and Lily-Rose Depp, this album is ready to be your go-to summer jam.

Let’s take a look at all the reasons why we agree with everything social media has said so far.

New cocktail

The album didn’t hesitate to make a statement with its debut track, “One Of The Girls,” by The Weeknd, Jennie, and Depp. Stir in a little bit of “Jealous Guy” by The Weeknd, and “Fill the Void” by Depp and Ramsey, and this cocktail of tunes has become an irresistible lure for the listeners. 

And it’s not all. The album dropped just two days before the airing of the fourth episode of HBO’s series The Idol, stirring up anticipations for fans across the globe.

Known to her fans as Jennie Ruby Jane, Jennie Kim from BLACKPINK showcased her multifaceted talents in the third episode of The Idol. The music sensation seamlessly slipped into the shoes of Lily Rose Depp’s character “Jocelyn,” and delivered a compelling performance of “World Class Sinner.”

Alluring lyrics

Jennie’s performance took the audience on a riveting journey as her powerful vocals blended with a sensuous dance routine. Wrapped in a striking purple outfit that highlighted her fierce personality, Jennie left the viewers speechless with her striking visuals. The singer, who is already an international sensation with BLACKPINK, proved that she is not just a talented musician, but a gifted actress as well.

The audience flooded social media with adulation for Jennie, with comments like “Jennie’s vocals were incredible in that performance! She’s so talented,” and “Jennie looked absolutely stunning in that outfit. She’s a goddess.” Forbes even hinted that the beloved starlet might soon be in the race for prestigious accolades, following her riveting performance in The Idol.

Big screen persona

Forbes further spotlighted Jennie’s captivating on-screen presence and speculated that she might be the next big thing in the movie industry. Having already impressed viewers with her role in The Idol, Jennie might soon be seen taking on major roles in movies, further solidifying her position as a versatile and in-demand actress. 

Her debut release “Solo” had marked an impressive milestone in her career and now, with the success of BLACKPINK and her personal growth as an artist, Jennie seems to be gearing up for her solo endeavors. Her exceptional portrayal on The Idol might also make her eligible for the prestigious Emmy Awards. Is the coveted award on the horizon for Jennie?

Highest note

The K-pop star hit a significant milestone with her solo single “SOLO,” becoming the first Korean soloist to clock 500 million streams on Spotify. Despite facing criticism, Jennie’s unfaltering talent and resilience, coupled with widespread public support, have ensured her continuous rise in the music industry. 

With her captivating performance in The Idol, Jennie has significantly boosted the show’s visibility and viral appeal, proving that talent and determination can indeed conquer adversity.

As we watch Jennie’s success story unfold, it takes us back to her debut years, when K-pop was not as globally recognized as it is today. Even then, she was making history as a solo Korean artist, and it’s clear that her star is only shining brighter with time.


So, are you ready to ride the wave of Jennie’s escalating success and dive into the mesmerizing tunes of The Idol Episode Four? Let us know in the comments!

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