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Inspired by the Kpop sensation ENHYPEN, fans worldwide have been flooding TikTok with their take on the #biteme challenge ignited by Sunghoon.

Sunghoon’s bold cry Discover the meaning behind #BiteMe!

Ready to ride the Kpop wave? The latest craze sweeping TikTok is the #biteme challenge, an energetic dance-off that’s got fans in a tizzy, all set to the infectious beat of ENHYPEN’s new single, “Bite Me”. At the center of it all, the mighty Sunghoon. But is Sunghoon the one really at the center of this trend? 

Let’s take a look into all the details, and then the true details that drive crazes like this.

The trend

Inspired by the Kpop sensation ENHYPEN, fans worldwide have been flooding TikTok with their take on the #biteme challenge ignited by Sunghoon. After the band dropped a preview of “Bite Me” with some serious dance moves, the TikTok community was quick to put their spin on it. The challenge? Create a video showcasing your interpretation of the band’s choreography or lip-syncing to the hit track.

On any given day, you’ll find TikTokers turning it up with #biteme challenge and #bitemechallenge videos tagging Sunghoon for a chance at attracting the singers attention. From freestyle dance-offs to quirky renditions of the ‘bite’ motif, this trend is a testament to the creativity and passion of the Kpop fandom.

TikTok, as we know it, is a realm of fleeting trends, and the #biteme challenge is no exception. The challenge serves as a dynamic platform for fans to interact with ENHYPEN’s music and moves, expressing their love for the band. It’s worth noting, though, that TikTok is a universe in constant motion, and to get the full #biteme experience, you’ll want to dive deep into the app. And we mean deep.

Dance activism

But it’s not all about Kpop dance-offs, catchy tunes, and heartthrobs like Sunghoon. TikTok, known for its rich tapestry of content, has also become a platform for serious conversations. Particularly, Black TikTok creators have harnessed the platform’s potential to amplify the voices of the Black Lives Matter movement.

After the tragic death of George Floyd, TikTok turned into a hub of youth activism. Users of color, backed by allies, took to the platform, using hashtags like #blacklivesmatter to advocate for racial justice, share protest safety tips, and expose systemic racism. Through these TikToks, awareness was heightened, rallying support for the movement.

Amidst the surge of socially minded content, TikTok became a hotspot for discussions around racial equality and justice. More than a platform for entertainment, it morphed into an arena for knowledge-sharing and a catalyst for change.

The debate

Black TikTok creators were instrumental in driving the narrative around victims of police brutality, using their content to highlight incidents and amplify victims’ voices. Their narratives, laced with emotion and reality, resonated with millions, adding momentum to the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the face of cultural appropriation and lack of recognition, Black TikTok creators struck back. They staged virtual strikes to underline how their culture was being exploited sans proper credit. This movement added another layer to the platform’s push for racial equality and fairness.

Ripple effect

The footprint of Black TikTok creators extends beyond the app. Their content, brimming with creativity and insight, has not only captivated millions but also sparked a dialogue on social issues, nudging the world toward positive change.

Their impact on pop culture is undeniable, but more importantly, they have shown how a social platform can become a springboard for justice and transformation. But as TikTok evolves, how will the role of Black creators in activism and cultural advocacy continue to shape this social media phenomenon?


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